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Plug for Europe

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I recently read somewhere on forum ? That in Spain they use the plug for Southern Europe. Are there different wall socket plugs for northern Spain ?
I bought the Europe plug to connect to iPhone in Spain 2 years ago and don’t need to carry the additional adapter from Australia as I only need to charge my phone. This time I’ll later be travelling in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Will my plug that is okay for Spain be okay up there too ?


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According to this site, Spain and most of continental Europe use the same outlets. The adapter you bought for Spain will be fine.


Expanding on your question:

Portable USB devices come with adapters that can handle a full range of 110-240V and 50-60Hz, covering most of the world’s electrical systems.

Physical plugs come in more varieties than the electricity they deliver. The complete list is pretty bizarre, which is why you’ll find travel adapters with a bunch of funky plugs intended to cover the whole world.

Here’s a nice map. (For some reason my phone wants to post this twice.)


E8F2EB0A-4C68-4151-8DA5-1386B5217352.png E8F2EB0A-4C68-4151-8DA5-1386B5217352.png
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There are a number of plug and sockets in use in Europe but the differences are whether they have a third grounding pin and the shape. The shape varies and is used to help align the pins and to make it difficult to accidentally pull the plug partly out and thus short circuit a live connection. However a type C plug will fit all these outlets. It will not fit the outlets used in the UK, Ireland, Gibraltar, Malta or Cyprus though.

More information (probably more than you want to see) is on Wikipedia.
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I recommend buying a wall charger with 2 usbs there. I have one I bought in sweden and it works in spain best thing I ever did. No more carrying multiple connectors to charge different USB devices

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