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small items

  1. JennyH94

    Fans on the Camino

    Hi all - No, I’m not talking about One Direction or your particular favourite band (note: mine isn’t 1D!) but I’m talking about using a fan on camino … who uses one? Last week I was in Madrid after a two-week volunteering role at the Pilgrim Office. The heat in Madrid was difficult to be...
  2. E

    Ear Plugs - Sleeping

    I am picking up the final items I need for my Camino. I know there will be issues at the albergues with people snoring, so as a light sleeper I need to get ear plugs to sleep at night, but don‘t have any idea. Can people recommend types of ear plugs? Will the silicone ear plugs work? I have...
  3. AKBee

    Corkscrew do I take one with me?

    Wondering if I should pack a corkscrew? The added weight verses the possible pleasure of enjoying a glass or two of wine in the evening at the Albergues might be worth it. Do the Albergues with kitchens general have one?
  4. A

    Sunglasses help needed

    I am not a particularly careful person, and have noticed most of sunglasses ( although not prescription, but good quality) are quite scratched up. Thought I’d treat myself with a new pair before my next Camino, any suggestions for a model that is scratch resistant?
  5. R

    Specific items?

    I am grateful how people will often remind us that Spain is not a third world country and almost everything we need would be available on the Camino. I hope I'm not overburdening the forum, but I did want to ask about some specific items. Can anyone confirm whether or not I would likely be able...

    Securely Storing Valuables While Showering

    thinking about how to handle shower stuff... so where do you put you passport and ID and cash while in the shower? Trecile posted a DIY for soap & shampoo etc. that is very creative - but as I have been advised to take all valuables with me everywhere- how do you handle cash , passport, ID, etc...
  7. JWST

    Mug or not? (and other kitchen ware)

    Greetings all, I have had varying advice on carrying a lightweight cup/mug, any thoughts for a Camino novice? Or a plate? Cheers
  8. Bob Howard

    Do these earplugs work?

    I think I have tried every type of earplug, and I never found any that worked well, for me. I just did a search on this brand in our forums. The last time it was mentioned appears to be 2018. I can't tell from this website whether there are "new and improved" models. Has anyone tried these in...
  9. S

    Ear Plugs and Trumpets

    Hello fellow pilgrims, (I thought I had posted this already) sorry if I did. I would like to reach out in the spirit of our Camino and help if I can. My subject as the title suggests is earplugs. Yes, you heard it ear plugs. I believe that I had come across someone posting an inquiry about...
  10. Robo

    In the USA? A Favor. Sorry to ask.... (re gadget to clip phone to walking stick)

    Hi Folks. There is a small gadget that I have been trying to find for years. But it's only available in the USA and Canada. They have a few International Distributors, but those companies either no longer carry it, or won't mail to Australia........ So I was going to resort to trying to make...
  11. Elle Bieling

    The Solution to Toilet Paper for the Camino/Outdoors Anywhere!

    I may have discovered the solution, finally to the age old problem of seeing TP where it doesn't belong. I was introduced to this outdoor, portable "bidet," that when used alongside a Kula cloth, you will never need TP again in the outdoors! This ingenious little device fits on any standard size...
  12. GregorMc

    Toothpaste and deodorant - where to buy cheaper?

    OK. I’m feeling a little foolish. I just paid €21 for a tube of toothpaste and a roll-on deodorant. That's £17.75 back home. There would be a riot in Boots if that was the price for Colgate and RightGuard. So, I obviously shouldn't have gone to the Farmacia for toiletries. Where should I have...
  13. peregrina2000

    Headlamp question

    I will be walking in September, as I did last year. I was very glad to have my headlamp (as sunrise is after 8 am by mid September), but I seem to have lost it between then and now. I’m looking for a new headlamp and see that they now make some with USB rechargeable options. I would love to...
  14. L

    Sink plugs?

    When you want to wash your clothes in hand, do the sinks in the bathrooms or in designated areas in albergues (esp. camino de norte) have plugs?
  15. trecile

    My shower "caddy"

    Finding somewhere to put my shampoo and conditioner bars, razor and hairbrush for brushing out my wet hair in albergue showers has always been an issue. I made a "caddy" to hang up the things that I need in the shower out of a piece of nylon cord and some plastic hooks. There are loops in the...
  16. Peregrina 2013

    Favorite Toothpaste?

    At Peregrina 2000's suggestion I am now posing the question about what is your favorite toothpaste to take when you walk on the Camino? My hope is that this thread is solely dedicated to the topic without becoming controversial like the thread I posted about deodorant preferences. Just...
  17. Peregrina 2013

    Deodorant Preferences

    I wanted to ask you if you have a favorite deodorant/antiperspirant that works well for you when you're walking long distances and want to carry minimal weight in your pack. I have traveled with mini size toiletries, for years including the regular well-known brands of antiperspirants you find...
  18. Steve Bunn

    Will I need a Head Torch?

    I'm starting my Camino Frances on 22 May and was wondering if I will need a head torch, I plan to start walking around 7:00am each day? Thanks - Steve
  19. wynrich

    Should I pack backup eyeglasses?

    I'm pretty helpless without glasses and I've always brought an extra pair of eyeglasses as a backup in case my main pair are lost or broken. But, I'm re-considering for our upcoming camino (leaving in a week!) because over many caminos and other trips I've never needed the backup and I am also...
  20. MaidinBham

    Pee Cloth - leave no trace

    Hi to all. Perhaps some of you gals are familiar with "pee clothes" But for those who aren't familiar with them, they are a anti-microbial cloth used for wiping after you pee. Much better than a hanky, and weighs less than having to carry TP (and having to pack it out) or panty liners. Here...

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