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[Post-Covid] Where do I find the post-Covid requirements for travel to Spain?

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C clearly

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[This post is written on behalf of the moderator team.]

Edited 2021-06-02: This list of links below has been re-ordered. A note was added (to link #1 below) about the Re-open EU app. A new link (#3) has been added for the Spanish Tourism Office.

Edited 2021-05-18 to add link to Aena re rules for arrival at airports in Spain.

Many people come to the forum with variations of the same questions - which we are all asking ourselves these days! Will the Camino X or Camino Y be open next month or whenever? Are the albergues open? What Covid tests/vaccines/etc. will I need? What are the travel restrictions?

The answers are not easy, and a lot of disagreements tend to emerge - disagreements on the facts and the predictions, that then go off-topic into arguments about ethics, politics, epidemiology, etc. In order to reduce the number and intensity of these threads, we are posting this stock answer. When new threads are opened, moderators will often close the new threads and refer to this one.

As more information becomes available and some stability is achieved, we are happy to have new threads to address the real-time situation including albergues, pilgrim offices, Santiago cathedral, pilgrim numbers, etc.

A few basics:
  • There is no single Camino authority for the facilities overall, so there is no answer that applies across all stages and routes.
  • Restrictions, openings, and closures change almost daily, and they can be different in every country/region/province/city.
  • The Forum does not condone an attitude of trying to circumvent the regulations and laws. Posts that disdain the public health measures are not acceptable.
The moderators recommend:
  • Search your own country's travel restrictions.
  • Search the EU/ Spain's current travel restrictions (see list of links below).
  • Be comfortable with the risk of losing deposits on any reservations for travel and accommodation.
  • Browse forum threads including Lockdowns (now closed) and Lockdowns and Re-Openings to get an idea of the changeability and complexity, but remember that you cannot rely on the accuracy of any forum posts on this important matter.
  • Enjoy your planning in the meantime! Just don't expect any quick certainty to confirm your travel hopes and dreams!
A few useful official links are:
  1. EU official website - This gives an overview of the travel and health situation in the EU countries. A smartphone app is available, as shown on the website.
  2. Spanish government - This is in English but isn't particularly user friendly.
  3. Spanish Tourist Office -
  4. Aena (Spanish airports) - Has FAQ in English, dealing with Covid-19 related rules for people arriving at an airport in Spain.
  5. Spanish Ministry of the Interior - This is in Spanish and there is no English version.
  6. Spanish embassy in the US - The website is good, with a considerable amount of relevant information, in an easily readable format, that applies to all foreigners, not only to USA nationals.
  7. Spanish consulate in the UK - . There is some Covid-19 info but they mainly refer readers to the restrictions of the Spanish Ministry of the Interior on border crossing (, as well as the sanitary measures adopted by the Ministry of Health (
  8. Spanish embassy in Dublin - They mention extraordinary restrictions on travel within Spain, as shown on a map and detailed list. Again only in Spanish. .
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at the moment, restrictions differ in each Spanish region, and you are not allowed to cross from one region to another. As a reference, Camino Francés, crosses 4 regions

Castilla y León

And in each region, restrictions may in turn differ across provinces - for example, in Andalucia you would not be able to go across provinces. On May 9th things might change, but we do not know in which way, restrictions might be eased across regions, but then tightened locally. Too complicated, honestly

C clearly

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Bumping this thread and re-naming it to reflect the current questions on the forum, and to point out that the Re-open EU site (link #6) has an app that might be useful.

The general advice written above is still true - go to the appropriate official source to get the latest official information.
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C clearly

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Second edit today: One more link (now #3) has been added to the list above. (That is a website Ivar mentioned in one of his messages). Also the order of the listing has been changed.
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