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Preparations for the camino?


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Is there a site out there that summarizes all the preparation that's needed before you start a camino (I'll be starting on May 20th probably)? That way I don't have to bore you with my questions ;)

I'd like to know things what really is needed in the backpack, what's the best way to avoid blisters, what maps did you have so you didn't get lost, what is there to know about the albergues, etc ... What else do I need to know or pay attention too?

Muchas gracias a todos!

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If you scroll down the main page of this forum you will see a section on equipment questions. It's a tired but true adage-if you're not sure you'll need it-leave it. My contribution is-take ear plugs!
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Several other people have also recommended earplugs. Some of the albergues are basically one large room for sleeping. One on the Via de la plata had beds pushed up against each other so the proximity to other sleepers is pretty 'cozy' at times. If you are at all a light sleeper the earplugs are a necessity to try and cut snoring and general movement of late comers/early risers. Needless to say the don't add any weight to the back pack and are very cheap.


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Also, if you feel the need to take a guide book, tear out the pages and dispose of them after each etapa as you go along. It will lighten your load.


The trek outfitters, Blacks, in the UK have feet measuring gauges that are one size out so that you buy boots one size too large. At first they feel a little loose even with proper socks but you won't believe how much your feet will swell on the road and take up all that space. Also, a tip from my Father back in the 50's. When he used to do route marches in the military they stopped every hour for 5 minutes and took their boots and socks off. When they put their socks back on they put them on the other feet so fresh cool air every hour and no permanent wrinkle marks leading to blisters. I do it every two hours and wear one size larger boots and I have never ever had a blister - ever.
Ever. There are a couple of packing lists on my website ( but the advice is true - don't take it unless you really need it.

Oh, and ear plugs? Oh Yes!!


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Br. David said:
Ever. There are a couple of packing lists on my website ( but the advice is true - don't take it unless you really need it.

Oh, and ear plugs? Oh Yes!!

Hear, hear (or perhaps, "don't hear", "don't hear") on the ear plugs.

Another small bit of advice: consider shipping things ahead or home if you find that you will no longer need them. My wife and I shipped our heavier clothing ahead after we had finished the significant mountain areas, which lightened our load considerably. You may think some of us are obsessed with the weight of your load - don't worry, you will be, too.

Buon Camino!

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