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Rambling in Galicia

Hello again,

I am coming back to Santiago in late January and wondered if there are any marked walks we could do in the countryside that last a few hours.

Would the tourismo have any trails and information or is there a book I could buy? :shock:

Any recomendations would be appreciated.

Best wishes

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Hi there,

I am pretty sure that the TurGalicia tourist office will have free materials that would describe walking routes for you. They have their office in Rua do Villar, not to be confused by the Santiago tourist office that also have their office in Rua do Villar. TurGalicia is the one closest to the cathedral, with the TV in the window showing video from Galicia.

Have a look here for some online info: ... smo&cidi=I


though it doesn't seem to be mentioned on the Turgalicia site anywhere, the body responsible for the GRs and PRs is the Federación Galega de Montañismo

They're quite a small group and, as you can see, they have some problems maintaining the markings. :-(

From my limited experience, Galicia has an enormous number of wonderful green lanes and other paths, but maps are poor to non-existent and it's _very_ easy to go wrong, go round in circles, end up somewhere totally different from where you anticipated, etc. If you just want short walks in the neighbourhood, I'd agree with Ivar - ask in the local tourist office and see what documentation they can provide.


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...another idea that I just thought of.

There are many Rural Houses in Galicia that has Walking Routes close to their house (I would imagine day-walks). There are a lot of remodeled rural houses that might be a good alternative if you want to "Ramble... " :)

Have a look here:

The TurGalicia office in Santiago has a book with all the rural houses in Galicia listed with photos, a short description and “activities” at the house at no cost. Walks and routes are often listed as activities for these houses.

Un saludo,
Thank you once again Ivar and Peter, I shall go to the tourismo when I arrive and I shall let you know how I get on .

I have visited both the tourismos in Santiago and found them to be a bit vague and mysterious, but hopefully I can glean some information from them this time.

Looking forward to a soggy January, hope you are too.

best wishes

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