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RE electronics over France and Spain


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Buen Camino!
I am identifying a dearth of music in my life and during my walk I want to listen to some good music (so I can sing if I want to). I was also thinking about taking a mobile so I can buy SIMS in France and Spain to call ahead for reservations in the refugios and in case of emergency. I am considering combining the two and buying an iphone as the one unit will do both plus I can download some cool language apps for use. I would buy the iphone in Australia so that I could use it upon my return.

any comments (please none of the 'you dont need to take ..." or "why do you want to take ...." just accept it as a given) re weight, charging, electronic outlets and voltages for the 2 countries, coverage issues, SIM card issues, problems or advantages that you may have considered. I am especially interested in any difficulties others may have encountered when going from one country (France) to the other (Spain).

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Hi there,

I have an iPhone and I love it. That said, I don't think you can put a Spanish/French sim card into it since it will be locked to only work with a sim card from the operator that you buy it from. Ask them about international rates.

Remember that the iphone also has wifi. So along the camino, if there is free wifi you can get to the web for free.



Hi Lynn,
I will be doing my Camino in September and I do plan on taking my iPhone. Like you, it's a personal choice. I don't want it for the music, I want it for the wifi connection and the phone capability and the language translation capabilities. I use mine here in Canada but have just recently unlocked it so I can use a SIM card from another service provider in it. You can google on how to unlock it (was pretty simple) or have it done professionally. I have bought a Vodafone SIM card from Spain because I want it before I go. I know I can get one over there too but I wanted to ensure that the "unlocking" process worked before I ended up in France/Spain. Once I get the SIM card, I'll make sure it works and if it doesn't, I'll go to plan B (whatever that is). While I am not advocating "unlocking" the iPhone, it's a work around that will hopefully work for me without having to pay the huge roaming fees levied by my current service provider.
Enjoy your Camino!


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Hi Lynn,
you won't be able to ring ahead and book a bed in the refugios, but you will be able to ring ahead and book into local hotels or casa rurals. I took a blackberry phone for emails and calls - I had trouble with receiving emails due to my service provider back here (Crazy Johns via Vodaphone) not being compatible with Vodaphone in Spain. You may want to check that out in Australia before you go. i was assured my emails would be received via my phone but it didn't happen (I'm able to receive them here).
Have a great camino, cheers, Jane
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