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Recommendations for travel from Logrono to Sarria


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June 2024
We are walking to Logrono, resting a few days and picking back up the walk in Sarria. Trying to figure out the best way to get to Sarria from Logrono. I don't see a direct train, only a bus that leaves at 2am. Could stop in Leon for a night on the way to Sarria. Any recommendations for how to do this?
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There is no really direct way to get to Sarria by train from Logroño per the routes. You have to go backwards to Zaragoza and or Madrid.

It may be fastest back to Madrid by bus and take a direct train to Sarria from the Chamartín station.
You can take a bus o taxi from Logroño to Pamplona ( 1 hour ) and train from Pamplona to Vigo and then to Sarria
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Yes, it does kind of look like a "you can't get there from here" kind of thing. You can get there of course, but it isn't very direct and the nature of the travel may be time consuming. You might be using up your rest days in Logrono on the bus or train travel to Sarria.
I’m on my phone and in a foreign country (aren’t most of us 😉) but @WCP might find a better route by breaking the journey down a bit. Perhaps Logrono/Burgos/Leon/Lugo/Sarria. There are consistent bus services between the major cities. The bus companies have little regard for the needs of Pilgrims but Spain’s residents do like to get about a bit
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