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REFERENCE: Selection of good threads about the Camino/ Ruta de la Lana

C clearly

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This thread will be pinned to the top of the Ruta de la Lana forum to help get you started if you are interested in the Camino or Ruta de la Lana.

Two excellent websites, in Spanish, have tons of information that seems to be prepared in collaboration with each other. Both these sites have been updated in 2022-2023, although their downloadable documents unfortunately don't have dates.
From Alicante, the main Camino/Ruta de la Lana route goes through Cuenca, Santo Domingo de Silos, and Burgos, where it joins the Camino Francés to Santiago. The Lana and the Camino de Levante approximately coincide between Almansa and Alpera, before the Levante heads west toward Zamora.

Two other starting points that join with the Lana are the following, with links to threads that have relevant titles:
  • Villajoyosa - This route starts in Villajoyosa and joins the Lana at Villena
  • Camino Requena - Starts in Valencia and joins the Lana just before Monteagudo de las Salinas. For information about the starting point, Valencia itself, check these threads in the Levante forum.

Other ways to browse information include the following search links, which collect tagged threads exclusively in the Lana forum. They are updated in the future every time you use them.

LIVE from the Camino - Threads written by the pilgrims at the time of walking, so check the dates!

Moderator picks - Including some detailed stage-by-stage planning threads.

Side trips and route variants - But also check the links above, for details on the Villajoyosa and Camino Requena. In addition, there are some options between Santo Domingo and Burgos where you can walk portions of the Camino San Olav, which has its own sub-forum here, and the Camino del Cid which is described here.

Art and architecture - Not too many dedicated threads here in the Lana forum, but this topic is covered in some of the Moderator Picks above,.

Landmarks - Interpreting the word broadly!

You can see that some of those links don't have much material. You can help by starting new threads with a question or discussion of one of those topics. I can tag them as appropriate. Also, let me know if you find other threads that should be tagged so they will appear in these collections!
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C Clearly, what a great starting point for everyone who wants to discover these beautiful Caminos!

If you love the southern part of Spain, for example the Vía de la Plata, the Lana is for you. I am amazed that still relatively few pilgrims are walking it. The Lana from Valencia is my all-time favorite, with the Lana from Alicante as a close second. I hope this useful site of information will attract more pilgrims to it!
As for landmarks: Alcalá del Júcar (scenery), Cuenca (UNESCO world heritage), the Norwegian-themed pueblo of Covarrubias, the monastery in Santo Domingo de Silos, the Cathedral in Burgos... and more!
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Alcalá del Júcar (scenery), Cuenca (UNESCO world heritage), the Norwegian-themed pueblo of Covarrubias, the monastery in Santo Domingo de Silos, the Cathedral in Burgos... and more!
What would be great is to have new threads created that focus on each of these landmarks. Then the thread can be tagged "landmarks".

Maybe @Peregrina will create a thread on Romanesque sites along the Lana, so I can slap an "art/architecture" tag on it!

(Otherwise all the information is buried within threads that discuss many topics. The simple tag search is applied to a thread and not to a particular post. The general Search will look everywhere for whatever words you want, but the results are always a bit mysterious!)

Can you tell that I am doing some research into the Lana? :cool:
Wow! Thanks for this information. I’ll be reading up all the way there! The support you get from this forum is awesome!

It is a lovely route, both from Alicante and Valencia. Solitary in summer at least. Now that accommodation in Siete Aguas is down (still?) on the Valencia section you need to find a solution in the area. Perhaps taking the commuter train back to spend a night in Valencia. Maybe I will walk this Camino from Valencia again next year...
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There is Kevin O'brien's very useful guide, if a link can be found to it. I don't know how up to date or current it still is, but I found it invaluable when I walked that way in spring 2019..

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