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Research Opportunity


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My name is David Blitzer and I am a junior at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va. I am currently seeking individuals aged 60+ to take part in a study of the physiological effects of participation in the Camino along the Camino Frances. Our group would be performing the journey from mid-May to the end of June. If anyone has any interest in participating or has any questions about the study, please feel free to email me at dblitzer@wm.edu.
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Yes please!!!
If you pay for my airfare, I'll join you! I don't eat much and am happy to sleep on the floor.
(I've become quite forward and cheeky since turning 60!)

I was at the Williamsburg gathering of pilgrims a few weeks back. ALthough I won't be on Camino until October...may I suggest you look into Sillydolls background.

There are few folks who have accomplished more in their lifetime concerning: personal fitness, general/specific knowledge of the Camino, positive attitude and support for others. Sil is a Camino Treasure!

The 2024 Camino guides will be coming out little by little. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.
Falcon indicated:The annual meeting moved this year from Williamsburg to Florida

While correct about the "annual" gathering of pilgrims...the "regional" was held in Williamsburg. We had members from up and down the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our host was Otis and Phyllis Haislip (otis.haislip@gmail.com).

The College of William and Mary has a very successful training program for students headed up by George Greenia (gxgree@wm.edu). New and veteran walkers of the Camino were invited to attend. Here's the syllabus for the program:

Hispanic Studies 389-02
George D. Greenia, Wash 229, x13676
Pilgrimage in Spain, Spring 2010 gxgree@wm.edu, MW 3-5

This class starts during the 2nd week of the term and last nine weeks. We meet in Washington Hall 306. Attendance is mandatory for all classes; syllabus below may change.

Pilgrimage in Spain is taught in English and explores the phenomenon of pilgrimage transculturally and more specifically the Camino de Santiago, a medieval heritage route in northern Spain that's been reclaimed by hundreds of thousands for spiritual and cultural reasons. A growing number of W&M faculty and students have made this historic 500-mile trek. In addition to studying the history and varieties of pilgrimages both medieval and modern, the course also prepares students for the practicalities of getting ready for the actual trip if they wish to go: clothing, backpacks, logistics and physical conditioning. It is a prerequisite for those wishing to join the 6-week W&M summer study abroad trip in May & June. Additional independent study credit hours are available.

texts: Linda Kay Davidson & David Gitlitz, Pilgrimage: from the Ganges to Graceland: an encyclopedia, Swem Reference area BL619 .P5 D38 2002 / Diana Webb, Medieval European Pilgrimage (Palgrave, 2002) / American Pilgrim magazine, entire issue / Edward Stanton, Road of Stars to Santiago (Lexington, KY: U of Kentucky Press)

27 Introduction to course: What’s pilgrimage? What’s the Camino de Santiago?
Davidson & Gitlitz, “Introduction” and articles on “Activities During Pilgrimage”, “Activities in Preparation for Pilgrimage”, “Activities Prohibited During Pilgrimage”, “Criticism of Pilgrimage”, “Life as Pilgrimage”, “Motives for Pilgrimage”, “Sacred Space”
3 Webb, Medieval European Pilgrimage, Intro, Chaps. 1-2
10 Diana Webb, Medieval European Pilgrimage, Chapter 3-4; Davidson & Gitlitz, articles on “Santiago”, “Jerusalem”, “Mecca”, “Greek Religion and Pilgrimage”, “Tourism as Pilgrimage”, “Secular Pilgrimage”; propose topic for final Oral and Written project on some aspect of Pilgrimage
17 Diana Webb, Medieval European Pilgrimage, Chapter 5. Hand in Reaction paper on Webb; American Pilgrim, entire issue
24 Edward Stanton, Road of Stars to Santiago, Part One; hand in summary of contents and draft of handout for final Oral and Written project on some aspect of Pilgrimage
3 Real Pilgrims: Wm & Mary student pilgrims: Jake Milnor, Mary, John Squires. Ed Stanton, Road of Stars to Santiago, Parts Two and Three.
10 Spring break
17 Readings on Blackboard from Christian Century. Hand in reaction paper based on student pilgrim presentations. Brennan Harris: “Training for Trekking”, a research physiologist on how to understand your own body.
24 Oral reports w/ handouts on Aspect of Pilgrimage. Hand in reaction paper on Stanton.
31 Wrap-up class. Hand in final Written Report or Portfolio.
Grade Calculation

Participation, mandatory attendance for all 9 classes 10%
Three reaction papers with critical assessment
1000 words analyzing any one chapter of Webb 15%
1000 words assessing presentation of modern student pilgrims 15%
1000 words analyzing any one section of Stanton 15%
Oral Report on Aspect of Pilgrimage
propose topic by February 10 by e-mail; hand in summary of contents 20%
and draft of handout February 24; oral reports in class on March 24
Written Report / Portfolio on some Aspect of Pilgrimage 25%
hand in report (standard final paper) or portfolio of 10-15 pages by March 25
TOTAL 100%

As you can see it's quite comprehensive.

The course meets 4-5:20 pm on Wednesday in Washington Hall 306 and started Jan. 27 and lasting nine weeks.

So, as you can see, there's an active pilgrim community in the region and W&M is in forefront of bringing all aspects of the Camino to us.

Buen Camino,

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From airports to SJPP
Luggage from SJPP to Roncevalles

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