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Running the camino portugues. Any thoughts, hints, questions?


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May 2024
My plan is to run from Porto to Santiago de Compostela. Therefore I am looking for any useful information of runners who have done this or similar before. What do I have in mind when I say running the camino? Anywhere at a good trail pace of 6:00 to 7:00mins/per km in average with some 30km per day.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.
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I have only knowledge of the coastal-litoral: but you’d be fine. It’s mostly flat. Some good places to stay along the way. I did it fastpacking a few years ago. With a good pack and minimal stuff. Make sure the pack fits you right and doesn’t bounce too much. That gets old quickly. I used trail runners (Altra Timp), but on this route at least, normal road runners would have been fine too.
Good evening.
I’m going to do the litoral can I ask please all your stops. And how many days
Regards Andrew
Hello fellow pilgrim,

if you say 30km in average is running, than I did run the CP. But I did average only 5km/h (almost half the speed you'll do).

My tips: good trailrunners with high cushioning. Very good fitting socks.
You'll be fine.
Our son ran the VDLP while we walked it. He accompanied us for about 300 km and ran anywhere from 30-37 km daily. Keep in mind you arrive at your destination early, your accommodation may or may not be open yet, and some places are small and don’t have much entertainment. (Though we have walked the coastal from Porto and found the places to be a bit bigger than along the VDLP for the part our son ran). He had a 20 LTR pack.
If you want I can ask him if he minds his details being shared. He’s not in this forum. After 11 days he said he was glad not to have to run for a few days! 😂. I wonder why…
Hope this helps
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