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Searching for a route from Marseilles to Santiago through camino del norte


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genoa to santiago
Hey all,

I'm thinking about walking the camino, possibly starting in Marseilles or Arles and follow the GR653 untill Pau and from there go to Bayonne and then to Irun so i can start the camino del norte.

I have never done the camino before and i want to know what are the best ways to find accommodation allong the GR653 route.
I am going on a budget and i would like to find the cheapest albergues possible.

And after that, in the camino del norte also. Are there certified camino hostels/albergues? What else do i need to prepare my trip :D

I appreciate the help.
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I see you are from Belgium? Do not know from Flanders or Wallonia but both have good confraternities of St James. The Flemish one has an open day on Saturday where volunteers are happy to help you out.


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