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Seeking opinions on two different packs

Hi all,

Excitedwalker and I went looking at packs today in all the local shops. (Never mind that we've still got 16 months until me actually start walking.)

Two of the packs that were interested in were Lowe Alpine Airzone 35 (35 litres, weighs 1.1kg and costs $119.99) and the EPE Rana (45 litres, don't know weight, it didn't say, perhaps a little heavier than first one, costing $139.99). We were wondering whether anyone had any experience with these packs and if they would be a good choice.



http://www.webtogs.co.uk/Lowe_Alpine_Ai ... 5_559.html

(You have to go to products, packs, daypacks, then scroll down to rana - it won't let me link straight there.)


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Not sure on the packs, but I can assure you the 35 liter one is best. Everyone that has a bigger one seems to fill it. Weight is the issue. I carry a 35 liter Osprey and it still has room, as I learned how to pare down as I walked.

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I have used several Lowe Alpine models, and they were all quite comfortable. However, they are heavy when empty. I suggest you look at the GoLite line. The Jam 2 weighs just over 1 pound and holds about 3500 cu. in.


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I have evolved from a 35L Karrimor pack, that weighed ±1.5kg. to a 32L Pro-lite that weighed 650g to an OMM 32L (Original Mountain Marathon) that weighs about 575g lean weight and cost me £45.
An American equivalent would be the Mariposa that weighs between 377g and 500g - cost $99 or the GoLite that costs about the same.

If you are only carrying clothes - no tents, pegs, ice picks etc, you don't need a heavy backpack and these are made of ultralight-weight, rip-stop fabric.


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I want to reinforce everything said above. Go Light... Golite... ;)

Couple of things though to consider. You said you are going in October/November timeframe. You will have to be prepared for more severe weather conditions. A typical summer pilgrim can get by without a heavy jacket, but you will not be able to. I suspect you may need the 40L size more than a 30L pack.
Also body shape is a key. I am long waisted and found that with most 35L packs, the waist belt hit on my stomach, of no use to me. I carried an REI 45L pack (1kg) more for the shape than the size. The pack frame was perfect and I had no troubles. Since it was not full, I just tightened up the adjustments to make it a smaller volume and was very happy.



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Rambler is right about summer - autumn - winter packing.

Also important is male or female, small or large person.

I am 5'2" and weigh between 55kg and 58kg (winter hot choc and muffins pack on the kgs! :? ) and my clothing is smaller and lighter than Rambler's clothing. However, I still don't cram my pack to the top - it usually weighs between 5 and 6kg - max.

My most USEFUL item - that I take into camping and clothing stores when I shop for my walks, is a digital kitchen scale. :shock:
I weigh everything! A silk sleep liner weighs 230g: a polyester liner 285g: a cotton liner over 450g: No doubt - take the lightest!! :wink:

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My Lowe Alpine Hyperlite Contour (a bit of a misnomer) is 4 lb. 4 oz. with a 3700 cu. in. capacity with an extension of 600 cu. in.

The GoLite Pinnacle is 1 lb. 10 oz. at 4650 cu. in., less than half the weight empty.

The Contour is more comfortable at a 30 pounds carry weight, but you should be below 20 pounds; and the GoLite fits like a glove at that weight (have a predecessor to the Pinnacle).


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The scale!!! I was the same way!!!

My daughter hated me. We would go to the store and I would have my little scale there weighing EVERYTHING! The woman at REI got into it when we were looking for after hiking sandals. She was weighing all the options to try and find one that weighed less than the running shoes we had.

Yes, get a scale, digital if you can afford it, and weigh it all. You can usually save a pound just in your everyday items by looking for lighter versions.

My Nalgene bottle weighed 2 ounces more than an empty gatorade bottle of the same volume
Saved one ounce by using a lighter contacts case
Found a travel sized deodorant that saved an ounce over a regular size small
saved two ounces carrying the clips you use for ID tags instead of wooden clothes pins (we couldn't find the plastic ones in the States)

That is half a pound right there. weigh shirts, pants, everything. And if you can save a kilo on the pack and 500kg on your sleeping bag, you will be in good shape.

My daughter's pack was 12lbs (5.5kg) and mine was 19lbs (8.62kg). I carried all the first aid, footcare, laundry, and maps/guides.



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I have two Lowe Alpine Airzone backpacks, the 35 litre Walkabout and the 55 litre ND Skyline. They are both exactly the same design so not sure why they have different model names. I find them VERY comfortable and cool to wear (hence I bought a second one in a different size!). I tried hundreds before I found the perfect fit, I found the ones designed for women were too short in the back for me and sometimes the distance between the straps too narrow.

There is an article in this months Country Walking magazine in the UK where they have tested and compared small backpacks (25-30 litre), although this is smaller than you want Im sure the 35 litre versions are pretty similar. The Lowe Alpine Airzone 25 comes third, it has full marks for comfort but is marked down for having very small lid pocket and a hydration pouch that was too low. Second place went to the Vaude Triset 25+4 and first place to the Osprey Kestrel 28. I really liked the Osprey 55 litre pack and would have bought it if it had not been twice the price of the Lowe Alpine!

On the camino I always take my 55 litre pack rather than the 35 litre one. I find a tightly packed backpack more tiring to carry than a slightly bigger, more loosely packed one. If I develop any twinges I can adjust the weight more easily either by adjusting the straps slightly or rearranging the contents.

I walked in November two years ago and it was surprisingly hot. Despite frosty starts on a couple of days I was walking in t-shirts and shorts by 10am. This meant I was carrying things I had expected to be wearing. I also took a slightly heavier down sleeping bag than the synthetic one I had previously used as the nights were sometimes really cold.

I too weigh EVERYTHING!

The only completely useless thing I carried this summer was a porcupine quill that my daughter gave me for luck -!? It weighed nothing and was photographed in numerous unlikely places to prove I had taken it!


ps I am sure that this will more likely have added confusion rather than clarity to your decision making so good luck!



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