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Taxi Fare?

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Anybody have a rough idea, what it would cost from SJPP to Roncesvalled by Taxi?
( to “Mail” my luggage to Casa Ivar; [ I’m figuring cheaper Post]). Thanx in advance!
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Express Bourricot charge 55 euros if you are the only passenger but the price drops to 15 euro if there are four or more.
A regular taxi is about €100, but if sharing with other pilgrims the price of course gets divided up.
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Are you arriving in SJPDP through France or Madrid? If Madrid you can mail from there. If you are really starting at Roncesvalles, this might make more sense.
Anybody have a rough idea, what it would cost from SJPP to Roncesvalled by Taxi?
( to “Mail” my luggage to Casa Ivar; [ I’m figuring cheaper Post]). Thanx in advance!
What @Bradypus said - see current prices on Express Bourricot website. But what do you actually want to do? If it is just about sending luggage from SJPP to Santiago you might also consider Express Bourricot, see quote from their website:
  • Price: 70 € per suitcase, 20kg max, transport and storage included. You won’t have to pay anything else once in Santiago.
I‘ve not checked prices for French and Spanish mail but it is likely that it is cheaper to send a parcel to Santiago from Spain than from France (no customs issues but you probably know it). But will you really save time and money when you taxi to Roncesvalles and back for this purposes. Plus, there is no post office in Roncesvalles itself.
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Plus, there is no post office in Roncesvalles itself.
According to the Correos (Spanish Mail) website, there is only a letterbox in Roncesvalles. The nearest post office is in Burguete and, again according to correos.es, it is open Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 to 9:30 in the morning …
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