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LIVE from the Camino The Geira in 85 days


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Time of past OR future Camino
Le Puy to Santiago 2005 and a few more since
On Saturday I leave Braga and begin the Geira.
On Saturday I continue a Camino that began on the 19th March from Almeria, reaching Ourense on Monday 22 May from where I took the bus to Braga on the same day.

In round figures a 1,150 kms pre amble warm up for the undulating terrain ahead. The constraints of this Camino were the 90 day visa limit for non EU people and the start and end points about the furthest apart on this peninsula. My pace has been modest with few days above 25 km. It has been a few years since my last Camino, unsurprisingly I am getting older, and the pace has suited me.

My planned pace for the Geira is also modest. Tentatively 16 days to fill the time before my flight home.

So there are stories about the Mozarabe, the vdlp and the Sanabres. Not too many pilgrims on the Mozarabe with many days being completely alone, and alone in Albergues, not alone on the vdlp, then fewer pilgrims on the Sanabres where the weather was delightful for walking with many dawn starts a few degrees above zero often at around 1,000 metres above sea level and higher during some days. It was nice being up there for a week or so.

Temporarily observing the Portuguese way of life, if that is a meaningful expression when I know no Portuguese.
€2,-/day will present your project to thousands of visitors each day. All interested in the Camino de Santiago.
If you've got spare time I would spend more time in Ribadavia the capital of the wine producing area of Ribeiro. That still leaves about 109 kms to Santiago. It has a beautiful, historic Old Town, great wine bars and eateries, cheap places to stay and superb landscapes at the mouth of the River Avia where it meets the River Miño.

I don't agree with the Geira guidebook which doesn't even recommend Ribadavia as an end of stage, preferring the trek from Arnoia to Berán,although there's little to do in Berán
Learn proper bathroom protocol on the Camino and share this info with other pilgrims.
It is now 2 weeks since I intended to start the Geira. I was intending to arrive in Santiago today.

The night before I was to take my first steps from Braga I got a serious toothache. Disappointingly I abandoned my Camino and missed out on the finale.

Within 48 hrs I had bused and trained to Madrid and was flying over the Mediterranean on my way home. Dental treatment is progressing.

Will there be another Camino? ... a thought for another time.

I have done a few and sampled quite a bit of Spain and France.

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