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The world changed

William Garza

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The World changed
And there may be those who no longer understand what happened and why...things have changed
They did not participate in the rivers bending..where the waters changed..they..merely sat the banks and watched as the river went by
Went by.
And they are no longer of the stream..but in the closing of eyes, they missed what happened.

And they will not understand why they no longer "fit"

Here in South Texas we have the Covid as the world does
Some,like me are deemed essential
Some were not
Some left early

And those of us who remained ..and through our lot,decided to move forward come what may.
We decided to move forward together and all that entails for one and all.

A man once said
We few..we lucky few....

I understand personally now who and why..they are the lucky few...we weathered storm amd privation,uncertainty of and for tommorow and threw our lot in together

In that change
We changed..we became more essentially..who we are
We changed
We speak with eyes be sparkled..and a certain mirth right below the surface

We did..we are..doing what 30 people did on a regular basis..with 10
And we have covered ground
Lucky few....

Those who were not with us will not
May not
Or decide not to come into the fold
Because the world changed while they were gone
We changed while they were gone

The world has turned once and again and time became precious again
The Fado left behind
Waiting to here their voice in the wind
Somewhere in the rain perhaps..we may hear a voice that is dear.

Missing parts..like fallen leaves..i wonder..do trees feel the loss and listen for the last..to the last... as the leaves hit the forests floor
To be sure, my peoples are seen on social media
But its not the same
The voice
The smells
The sight
The sound of voice

The difference is a dearely paid price for safety
So that we may be among each other again

Things have been burned away
And what is left is in a pure form to be sure

Those whome i work with are more important now for the trials
Snowflakes in the dark we are
Falling together with no direction but the one we all are going
But we are together and that is enough

My Way was long and lonely at times
But such is the way

Questions asked
Some answered
Some not
But the Way is not questions..nor answers
It is

It is a way of seeking answers..and questions and learning that each in turn is the Way.

We lucky few
When finally my feet are dusted by the road in Spain
That will be an answer to the question of
Why. Why am i drawn to some far away place where ultimately my ancesters come from
Why is there a calling from there?

Me and those who fall in place beside me will discover answers together i think
And there will be a settling inside of sorts

We lucky few
Pity the ones who never answer a call heard in the wind and rain and forest floor
The plucking of the hearts strings is a tricky thing...
You play
Are played
And learn the tune

We are over the hump here but not out of the darkness of threat

As with the Way..those outside looking in will not understand.

There is a a custom that is called a "Promesa" and am sure it is a familiar custom round the world

I would like to think that upon reaching Santiago i will hug him if it is my lot to do so ,,
Go inside and drop to my knees and say a little prayer in hope that my thanks will reach the ears of heaven and pray that all will be heard and remembered kindly



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