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Today, in the spanish press, the new is ...

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Wayfarer, there is another way
By the end of the vernacular goes Moratinos and spiritual traces of the route and it is fired from the province of Palencia to get Leon
Machado said 'no walking path, se hare camino al andar ... " and it is very possible that the great poet had reason. But it is not the case with the municipality of Moratinos and his parish of St. Nicholas, where the road is already done for many centuries. Some say that ten and about twenty others, then claim that milestone and marked the Roman surveyors.
Nevertheless, the fact is that by the end of the vernacular goes Moratinos and spiritual traces of the Camino de Santiago, and that it is fired from the province of Palencia leonés to take after having traveled across more than seventy miles across the center of the Tierra de Campos Palencia.
When the pilgrims arrive by the trace of the old road to Moratinos, the first thing seen is collected and grouped their houses. And before entering it, a mound, that the people named as El Castillo, which ensures that there was a defensive tower from which the soldier-monks, the Templars provided protection and shelter to the pilgrims who passed through there.
Indeed, legend, go to you know, today is dedicated to his spine less protective missions and more prosaic, accommodating a large number of traditional cave-cellars, where it is clear that parenting is still wine, as I see them going the way of a neighbor with a few bottles on hand.
Upon entering Moratinos, the Camino de Santiago is the Calle Real. There is nothing! Inevitably takes us to the brickwork of the gable simple parish church of Santo Tomas, where he posted a more arcade we provide access to its interior, which will ship only one that retains a simple retable good image of the Madonna and Child of the Century XVI and San Roque simpática popular. Straight in front of the church, is located in the Town Hall building, where works are being undertaken by the Diputación de Palencia to condition the doctor's office, which houses and provides services in the municipal building.
Very close to him, we come to a good Mudejar brick house, whose façade takes the sun a caged parrot, which he says is as Bilbao and is called Berta. Just kidding, we do not say so, but he assures us that something is spoken, but its owner, a Bilbao next weekend to enjoy the home of the brother in law and be walking in the fields of Moratinos, who says that him feel "like God".
For him we learned that the people living for several years now a couple of foreigners comprise one English and one American, who settled here after restoring a happy old adobe house and tapial. Apparently, these modern repopulating then also joined another couple more, which also renovated another house, with its Moorish traces that can still be seen in the already-mentioned Royal Street, but no longer reside there.
I feel a little bit and follow the old pilgrim route, I approached the parish of San Nicolás del Real Camino, just two kilometers away from Moratinos.
This ancient place, of course, devoted to his parish church this holy bishop, and Moratinos as the brick factory is a single ship, taking the cruise covered with a barrel vault with lunettes and adorned with a dome blind. Three retablos up their assets, including two Baroque, highlighting the most dedicated to St. Nicholas and a third Solomon, with sculpture of the Madonna and Child.
Hospital dedicated to Bari
The site was already famous in medieval times, it was a hospital dedicated to the saint of Bari, who came to stay (malate) lepers in the time of King Ferdinand III. At that time was known by the nickname of the 'Petit Cavalier', as opposed to the great gentleman that also existed in the shops. Today, San Nicolás del Real Camino with municipal hostel for pilgrims, and a cozy restaurant and famous.
The first edition came out in 2003 and has become the go-to-guide for many pilgrims over the years. It is shipping with a Pilgrim Passport (Credential) from the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.
Whereas most news are usually depressing these days, I find this article makes me feel really happy.
Thank you Javier for the article and Sil for the translation.

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Gracias, Javier, por este artículo...

Nice article and nice to see the familiar photos of Moratinos.
Buen Cmaino,

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