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Valdedios - Bring food?



We are planning on staying at Valdedios, it looks great. But I am concerned about the evening meal. Would is be advisable to bring food? There does not seem to be a village. Is there a bar with food? I assume the Monastary does not provide dinner.

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Hi, Mark,
I didn't spend the night at Valdedios because we arrived at around 11 am from Villaviciosa. It is an amazing spot for an overnight, though, I think you will love it. I think I remember there being food for sale at the shop connected to the monastery. I am also pretty certain there is a bar/restaurant right there across from the church, though you are right there is not a town. I also remember passing a couple of bars as we walked down (the Camino goes on the road at this point) to the monastery. I know that's not terribly definite, but I think you would be fine without food of your own.


p.s. Are you going to continue to Oviedo from there or go back up to the coastal route? We went down to Oviedo and it was a long day from Villaviciosa to Pola de Siero.

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Hi Laurie,

We are planning on returning to the Camino del Norte in Gijon. Thank you very much for the great information. On the Camino Frances there is always a place to eat and usually sleep. But this trip I am doing serious planning, especially with being there mid-June to mid-July, prime vacation time along the coast.

Thanks a lot,


Hi Falcon,

Thanks a lot! This will be my wife's first pilgrimage and her first backpacking trip. This will be very interesting. hahaha! I'm trying to at least know where to find food and lodging.

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Hi Mark-

I stayed there in September. There is a bar/restaurant where you can find dinner. If you prefer, the albergue has a small kitchen with a hotplate. I'm not aware of supplies being available for purchase there, but I didn't look either; pack in your stuff and you'll be in good shape.

It is a wonderful place to spend the night. Not the best beds, but you can't have everything...

Note - the yellow arrows will try to guide you away from Valdedios. Don't be fooled. When they tell you to leave the highway in San Pedro de Ambas, ignore them and continue straight along the highway.



Hi Dave,

Using Google Maps I can see exactly what you are describing. Thank you for the dinner information. I'm sure we will be found at the bar/rest. Does the Monestary hold Vespers and Mis(Mass) everyday? That is one of the important reasons for stopping there, the spiritual side of our camino.

Hmm, that sounds like another thread.

Thank you very much,


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Yup, they have a service around 8pm. Pretty empty - a few monks, a few pilgrims, and a few locals - but worth it. They stamped credenciales afterwards, if you ask.

There are a number of other monastery-albergues along the way. I stayed in Markina-Xemeingo, Cobreces, and Cornellana, and there's one in Zenarruza as well.

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