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Wanna get paid to hike the Appalachian Trail?


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Must also be a beer lover. 🍻



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Must also be a beer lover. 🍻

Would a beer lover who does bridge dances be a good candidate?

Jamie K

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Possibly Le-Puy or VDLP
Gosh, this is so appealing! AT is one of the to-do on my list before I hit 40 ever since I read 'A walk in the woods' when I was in high school. I have met a few that have done PCT (mostly young girls after 'Wild' came out) but never met a soul that did AT personally yet. I meant thru-hike.

I have a silly fear that I would be immediately ready if I can find a hiking partner like Bill Bryson did.
A fear of encountering bears or any large wildlife, a fear of camping out alone every night for several months,
a fear of bumping into a weirdo(s) in the middle of nowhere when hiking alone or not having anyone nearby..etc.

I (only) heard that PCT is a bit better as there are more thru-hikers around compared to AT.
Not sure if this is true!

Camino Chrissy

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My son has hiked 1000 miles of the Appalachian Trail. It was definately not his favorite long distance hike. He much preferred the John Muir Trail in California and the Colorado Trail.


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Another movie to watch (or NOT watch) before attempting the AT is “Still” –

“A lost hiker in the Appalachian Mountains is taken in by a couple who harbour a deep secret . . . .”


Deputy Dan

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I've hiked two sections of the AT - 75% uphill (steep) and 75% down hill; only 10% "reasonably" flat. (Yes - I can do the maths!) It's like climbing stairs all day - Makes the CF seem absolutely flat.

But, no beer was involved in my two walks. Beer can be a powerful motivator . . .


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It was at the top of my bucket list too when I was much younger - until I saw the movie "Deliverance" 😨😂
It was at the top of my bucket list too when I was much younger - until I saw the movie "Deliverance" 😨😂
"Deliverance" is a movie shot in NW Georgia, no where near the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. Many people here do day walks on the trail in VA. (And we don't appreciate the the Deliverance references.)

Tom Quinn

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No tune is better to me than those supported by a banjo. It is ALWAYS happy or inspirational. Never been a sad banjo tune. Just sayin...

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