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Where have I been? Where am I?



I'm sorry I haven't been posting recently. Winds of change I'm afraid - I am on my way back to England now. Currently I'm up near Calais making notes and taking photos for an article I'm writing for a UK magazine (not pilgrim stuff).
Also, I managed to wrench my back last week so have been confined to my camper feeling a little sorry for myself (I am a man after all) - though it gave me chance to do lots of sleeping and vast amounts of thinking, which is always such a joy.
But all well now so .....where have I been? ...

The Camper Cafe on the Camino worked rather well for a while - and was lots of fun - but although the Guarda told me I could stay where I was and all was well, a chap came along and complained and the Guarda came again and told me I would have to move - which was ok as the Camino is long. But the chap got rather upset that they wouldn't arrest me or fine me and said that I would just move a few kms along and start again (first aid post and welcoming and so on but supported and financed by my doing a basic cafe) and insisted that all my details were put onto the national computer - which meant that I was rather stuffed. The police were very nice and rather embarrassed but said that I musn't be questioned for the same reason again - in all my plans I hadn't catered for this situation so have had to end that plan, which is why I am returning to England. Ivar thinks, and I think he has it right, that this chap was involved in a bar or something in the next village (though it was 2 hours away). I think yes to that but also I felt that there was a definite feeling that he was unhappy that I wasn't Spanish - immigrants and so on....

There you go - life! I was lucky enough to meet lots of pilgrims and we had such pleasant meetings - loved it.

Maybe I will return next year under a different umbrella. Perhaps if I can save enough in the UK I can 'do' a season for free in 08.

So, fellow pilgrims, that is what where I am at the moment. Would seem that, regardless of my idea of plans, God wants me to be doing something else - I just do wish that he'd give me a clue about the next section of my life (it's so difficult to know what to pack... ).

I have decided to enlarge my online shop and to stock items from more religions - a sort of small online department store of religious jewellery/items. To this end, when I get back I will be opening my new domain, SacredGifts.co.uk alongside my PilgrimsSupplies.org shop.

So, all is well, I just will have to remain 'virtual'


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