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Yellow arrows in Baiona?


Staff member
I wasn't really sure which forum to place this in, because I don't know which Camino I'm asking about!

I was in Baiona recently (south of Vigo, on the coast) on a non-walking short trip through the Sil River Canyon and part of the Minho River area (which I would highly recommend, but that's another story). Anyway, in the lovely town of Baiona, walking through the old part, I saw some yellow arrows. I can't figure out what route it's on.

And since I know we have such great experts on this forum, I was hoping someone could enlighten me! Thanks, Trisha
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Camino de Invierno

It could be the Camino de Invierno which is variant from Quiroga to Montefaro, starting after Ponferrada and joining the Mozarabe route. This one goes through the Sil Valley.
http://www.caminodeinvierno.com/ -
Thanks, Sil, for that quick answer.

I had never heard of the Camino del Invierno -- I checked out the website and it looks like it would be a very pretty walk. When we were in the Sil Valley, we stayed in a parador (Santo Estevo de Ribas do Sil), and spent several hours walking on what appeared to be a long distance trail along the river, but I never did get the details on its origin or end point, so maybe this is it.

But the Sil area wasn't where I saw the arrows. I saw them in Baiona, which is right on the coast, about 35 km (as the crow flies) northwest of Tui, which is on the Camino Portugues. I don't see any variants of the Portugues that would go through Baiona, so I'm still not sure why those arrows were there!

Many thanks from Trisha.
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Coastal Route

Didn't read your post properly. It will be one of the southern coastal routes - perhaps the Caminho Portuguese.

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