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Zinc lozenges in Spain?

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Whenever I feel a cold coming on I start taking zinc lozenges, and it either stops the cold completely, or lessens the severity. I will bring a few with me, but would like to know if they are available in Spain, and if anyone knows of a brand name for them.


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If you ask for "pastillas de zinco" in a pharmacy, you should be ok. If I'm not wrong, there is a brand called Juanola that makes lozenges with zinc and honey (although I think the main ingredient is propolis, not zinc...).
I once left my trusty cold-eze pills in a Lisbon hotel when I went up to Galicia for a weekend trip. Sure enough, I got the telltale signs of an incipient cold. I went to a tiny farmacia in the nowheresville town of Luintra and the pharmacist had no cold-eze but suggested I try airborne. It has some zinc. I am now a convert —the pharmacist is my DaveBugg in the cold remedies department. I carry a tube of tablets with me on the camino and I assume I could get more if needed.

I know there is a lot of dispute (and a successful class action lawsuit) about their efficacy. All I can tell you is that it has worked several times for me in the last two years, so I really don’t care if it is the placebo effect!
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