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  1. efdoucette

    South Africans and Australians are still not allowed to fly into Portugal.

    I'm flying to Portugal from Canada in a couple of weeks and my head is spinning regarding requirements. Air Canada is now suggesting vaccine papers and an antigen test within 24 hours of take off, well, that is their latest statement anyway. Could change.
  2. efdoucette

    SNCF warning

    Is it cheaper to buy your ticket online in advance or on the day at the station?
  3. efdoucette

    Changing trains at Bordeaux

    I did that exact same route in 2011. Platform info is not normally posted until 15 minutes before departure time anyway so you are not far off. Don't linger, head for the info screen, determine your platform, down the tunnel, up at the right platform, a matter of minutes. If you feel unsure you...
  4. efdoucette

    Best way to get from CDG airport, Paris to Bayonne

    Now, what is your plan for day 1? My suggestion (because it worked out so well for me) is to hang out in SJPDP for the morning, visit the Pilgrim's office, get your passport, have lunch, then walk up to Orisson (about 3 hours, tough walk). You will need to reserve ahead at Orisson, it will be...
  5. efdoucette

    Booking Train Tickets from Paris CDG to Bayonne Online

    In 2011 I loved the train from CDG to Bayonne, I think there was a transfer in Bordeaux. The adventure started outside Bordeaux when the train broke down and we had to wait on the side of the tracks for a replacement. By listening, I found some english speaking people there and we chatted all...
  6. efdoucette

    Flying with your pack

    I always carry on my Deuter 42. I wear my boots, fleece sweater and jacket and try to make my bag as small and compressed as possible. No problems.
  7. efdoucette

    Arriving CDG terminal 2 6 July 2013 7.20am

    I found the raileurope website wouldn't recognize Paris CDG to St Jean PDP. I had to request Paris CDG to Bayonne, then Bayonne to St Jean, in two parts. Good luck, it's a blast!
  8. efdoucette


    Hello, I can recommend the Ibis hotel about a 5 minute walk from the train station. Not really authentic France but very comfortable, especially after a long travel day. You can google map it. It's close to the river and offers a nice stroll along the riverfront or cross the river and head...
  9. efdoucette

    Getting from Paris to St. Jean Pied de Port

    Conveniently, Paris CDG airport also has a train station. From CDG your route is Bordeaux - Bayonne - St Jean PDP. Raileurope will only book 90 days out and you may need to search in two parts, Paris CDG to Bayonne, then Bayonne to St Jean. Good Luck Eric
  10. efdoucette

    Help with train/bus timetable in Paris...

    Hello Shirin, In 2011 I travelled from Canada through Paris CDG to St Jean PDP. I came from a different direction but I also arrived Paris CDG in the morning, 7:40 I believe. Conveniently, there is a train station in the bottom floor of the Paris CDG airport. The route is Paris CDG to Bordeaux...
  11. efdoucette

    Travel Santiago to Paris

    Re: Travel Santiago to Paris In Oct 2011 I flew Vueling from Santiago to Paris and I remember that they don't go everyday, maybe 2 or 3 times a week, back then anyway. So try different days of the week. Eric
  12. efdoucette

    Connection time in Paris CDG

    Hi Charleen, When I travelled through Paris CDG in Sept 2011 I didn't find it bad at all. I did find the airport layout on the net and gained a general understanding of it. It's big (I'm from Halifax Nova Scotia which is relatively small) but certainly manageable and I did find it signed okay...
  13. efdoucette

    Cheapest way to get from Santiago to Paris.

    I flew Veuling this past Oct for ~100 US. Doesn't run every day, you have to research a little.
  14. efdoucette

    Connection times in Bayonne

    Thanks again, Looks like this trip TER 67309 is not available in Sept. Back to the drawing board.
  15. efdoucette

    Connection times in Bayonne

    Thanks for the help Falcon269. This is the page I'm looking at that doesn't seem to list the TER67309 at 21h40. ... 0&noLock=1 Maybe as I'm looking at a .ca site I'm not seeing the whole picture?
  16. efdoucette

    Connection times in Bayonne

    Well, I went to book my tickets tonight and found that they moved the departure time from Bayonne to St Jean PDP up to 18:11. So it now leaves 18 minutes before the train from Bordeaux arrives. Doesn't make sense, why would they do that?
  17. efdoucette

    Connection times in Bayonne

    Thanks everyone for your help, Eric
  18. efdoucette

    Connection times in Bayonne

    Just to clarify, the train I'm looking at departs Paris CDG at 10:01, connects in Bordeaux and arrives Bayonne 18:29. I'm coming from Canada so getting the train at CDG is a bonus. Thanks
  19. efdoucette

    Connection times in Bayonne

    Quick question for those with experience. The train schedules for Bayonne say arrival from Paris at 6:29 pm and a departure to St Jean Pied de Port at 6:29 pm. Do they really stick to schedule or do they allow passengers to make that connection? Thank you for any help. (Getting to St Jean PdP...
  20. efdoucette

    Connection time in Paris CDG

    Many thanks for your help. Would it be safe to assume that the trains don't sell out? and that tickets are available prior to departure?

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