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albergue life

  1. SF-Pilgrim

    Travel CPAP Machines 2019

    Hi I'm getting ready for my next Camino. I'd like to get a travel CPAP Machine. There are a few popular travel models out currently. Does anyone have any experience with these units? Do you have any recommendations keeping in mind it's being used on the Camino? Right now I'm looking at the...
  2. Brianmcauley

    Albergue help

    Hi all I am planning my first camino frances starting April 2nd saint jean' I have done fair bit of research but have a question about accommodation. I know about the different types of albergues and for example an albergue listed on the village to village guide might be advertised as a...
  3. D

    Do's and don'ts in the albergue?

    Hi fellow 'grinos Albergues are a god send. They’re affordabe, a great place to meet people after a lonely day on the road and often come to our rescue when we’re running on empty. But! Yes sadly there’s a “but”! A minority of pilgrims use them and abuse them. Speaking from experience, here’s...
  4. Kevin Considine

    LIVE from the Camino Ode to the Hospitaleros

    Ode To The Hospitaleros: Yesterday I walked into Estella around 11:15 grateful that an early start got me there before the blistering 35C (95F) of the afternoon. I was winging it on where to stay and the Municipal Albergue was in a great location but it did not open until 12. I noticed my...
  5. D

    First night in Porto albergue?

    Hello, we are arriving in Porto 9. 8. later that day and will have to stay the first night in Porto. I want to ask if we can stay for that first night in some albergue or it is allowed only after we travel some distance on our journey? Thanks for any advice. Have a nice day
  6. F

    Coping with rainy weather

    We set off next week from Sarria and I have been watching the weather forecast on yr.no and Eltiempo. It's looking pretty rainy for the first few days. I don't mind a bit of rain, but I was wondering about drying clothes for the next day, if I only have two sets of clothes with me. Has anyone...
  7. Lirsy

    Services provided by hospitaleros

    Hi! I am right now in an albergue as hospitalero. It really surprise me how few pilgrims use the services that the hospitaleros can provide. In my opinion, it is a little shocking that almost no any pilgrim ask about which are the difficulties in the next stages, wich could be the adventages...
  8. Tamsin Grainger

    Up to date info Montamarta albergues

    The municipal albergue has opened finally today. I don't know what it is like but the alternatives are not good: I and many others have been warned away from La Bruñeda due to the behaviour of the owner ; Tío Bartoli is freezing, has a very aggressive angry man (though Ana who is in charge is...
  9. palmah

    Memorable Albergues on the Portugues

    When we walked the CF in 2010 we stayed at a couple of Albergues recommended by the good folks on this forum and these places have provided some of our fondest memories. We will be walking from Porto to Santiago in May of this year and would appreciate recommendations for albergues along the...
  10. Anthony18

    taking a shower in the albergues

    Dear pilgrims, I spoke with a woman I met at a workshop today who did the camino last year. She stated that she had a female friend who stayed at an albergue where everyone showered together. She made it sound like things were kind of freaky deaky. :eek: Is that the case, or are they coed...
  11. Preshadon

    Clarification needed: "cruzada contra la hospitalidad tradicional"

    Is there a movement in Spain to change the alberque system? I hope I'm confused because of my limitations in understanding Spanish, but I came across the following in the Gronze.com web site: "Asunto preocupante en grado sumo es el de la cruzada contra la hospitalidad tradicional, aunque tanto...
  12. Ryan Alexander

    Is there demand for an alternative but integretated hostal/albergue in O Cebreiro?

    Curious to know people's thoughts/experiences of staying in O Cebreiro, is there demand for another albergue/pension? Any other relevant information appreciated, I saw a story on here about a lady who ran one for a short while and then sold it, was it just not for her, anyone familiar with that...
  13. judy jackstadt

    What to do?

    Only twice all the way from St Jean to Finisterra was I unhappy with my albergue. One albergue was not very clean. I had a hard time obtaining toilet paper from the hospitalero and the showers were awful (mildew and flooded the whole bathroom.). Another, I knew the second I walked in. It had an...
  14. I

    Pilgrim behaviour in albergues

    I've just (end of last month) completed the Ingles, my first camino and was so delighted with it that I'm already planning to do another short camino next spring. However, there was one aspect which surprised me, in a negative way. I'd opted for the Ingles because I'd heard it was much quieter...
  15. R

    Snoring in albergue!

    Hi all, this is my first Camino, and last night was my first night in an Albergue, (Presado) what is the form on people who snore? The large chap in the bunk next to me was fair rattling the windows, kept me and others awake, does one attempt to wake said snorer up, or grit ones teeth? Have many...
  16. copado

    Conflicted about going, plane leaves Friday?

    Greetings I have been conflicted about going for a while and not necessarily looking forward to it. What is finally proving to be the tipping point is the thought of being a 50 something, somewhat arthritic, portly fella ending up arriving later than most and being on the top bunk... getting...
  17. S

    CPAP machine for sleep apnea

    Hello! I am Susan Speak, and I will be walking the Camino in September will my daughter. I have a question, and I hope someone can help me. I have sleep apnea and must carry my CPAP machine with me. Does anyone have experience dealing with this in the albergues? It uses electricity, and I...
  18. Richard Ray

    Albergue Blues (A Camino Song)

    I grew sick of albergues by the time I finished the Camino Frances in 2016. I made up these lyrics to the tune of “Long Tall Mama Blues" by Jimmy Rogers () while walking one day: I been a-walkin' all over Spain Ain't used a car, a bus, or a train I've walked holes in both my hikin' shoes. At...
  19. notion900

    Do any albergues still lock people in?

    Further to recent discussion on another thread, I was wondering if there were any albergues on any of the caminos covered by this forum which still lock people in at night, i.e. they cannot open the main door from the inside in the event of an emergency? Please only give information on this...
  20. TaraUltreia

    Can you send bags to or have bags picked up from Municipals?

    It's been a long time since I've sent my pack forward but due to an unexpected gallbladder infection and hospital stay in Logroño, the rest of my camino is going to be very different than in the past! I would like to stay in municipals as much as possible because they tend to have decent...