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  1. truthi

    Bike Shop Suggestions for Lisbon to Santiago

    Hi All, My goodness, I beginning my trip prep and I'm vacillating between overwhelm/fear and excitement/bravery. I see how the camino begins before you even get on the trail, no? I would like some suggestions and ideas. Thank you in advance for your help. Is anyone able to recommend a bike...
  2. truthi

    Portuguese Way starting in Lisbon

    Hi all! I want to cycle from Lisbon to Santiago via the Portuguese Camino. Does anyone have a link or suggestion for a self-guided book and maps to do this? Also, if you have done this, did you use a touring bike? How did it feel? My preference is to use my touring bike... Kona Sutra...
  3. J

    Cycling - Franics vs Norte/Camping vs Not/Road vs actual route

    Hi - I was hoping to get some advice on a few things so here we go... Looking to tour through N. Spain on my bike by myself as I have wanted to it for a while. Not for religious reasons, I just like riding my bike and Spanish food! I'm a 28 year male and I ride a reasonable amount (was in italy...
  4. B

    cost of shipping and storing a bike case

    Hi Ivar, how much does it typically cost to ship a bike case to you from St Jean Pied de Port? and how much would storage be? they are bigger than the max dimensions i can put in to any online booking for a courier, 120 x 91 x 28 cm. It weighs under 10kg. Also do you have any idea how much it...
  5. S

    Cycling el Camino del Norte/Primitivo

    Hey there, I'm looking to mountain bike el camino del norte/primitivo possibly in September of 2018. I liked the path taken by these bloggers here. Basically I would love to mountain bike on trails as much as possible, though I realize the pavement will help me gain some mileage here and...
  6. P

    Weather and clothing! Camino del norte

    Hey all!!! Ill be cycling the camino del norte starting in March 2018 and Im just wondering what kinda of weather have you guys experienced on that route roughly round that time???
  7. hecate105

    Cadiz to Santiago on the Via de la Plata, by bicycle

    A Welshman, an Englishwoman, a Thai lady and two accidental American pilgrims cycle the Via Augusta and the Via de la Plata - well they would wouldn't they...!
  8. J

    Need help in planning cycling route Porto-SDC

    Hello, I am planning my first camino from Porto to SDC and I am very excited!! I am aiming for mid-September but I have a few questions before I book my ticket. If I take the coastal route, is 6 days sufficient? (I am a road cyclist so I'm in decent shape) Can anyone who has cycled this route...
  9. Fares Ismail

    Camino Frances Followed by VdlP

    Hello everyone, As my starting day approaches, I’ve been looking at alternative routes (ones that are less traveled and crowded). I initially thought about doing the Camino Frances and taking the Invierno route from Ponferrada. But recently I started thinking about following the Frances up...
  10. Ray J

    Biking to Le Puy

    Has anyone biked from slightly south of Paris (probably Melun) to Le Puy-en-Velay? It looks like taking Véloroute des Pèlerins (EuroVelo 3) = La Scandibérique to Orleans, then taking the La Loire a velo to Le Puy might work. Wondering about being able to avoid Orleans by heading directly...
  11. R

    Starting in Burgos June 7, 2017.....Meseta Info Please

    I am continuing on from Burgos and am thinking about trying to "rent" a bicycle to do the Meseta piece since I am slow hiker and have to be back home by end of June. Anyone know anything about a three day bike rental idea? Thanks, Rich3909
  12. hecate105

    Guide for Via Augusta, Cadiz to Seville?

    I have the Spanish guide, but as my Spanish is limited I hoped to find an English guide. The CSJ had a pdf of one but it does not seem to be available. Does anyone know of a guide from Cadiz to Seville? Also - as i love an excuse to buy a map.... Any ideas for Spanish maps from Cadiz up to...
  13. J

    Cycling options

    Hello-I'm planning on walking the Camino in April/May 2017. I'm working on a plan B as I'm having some foot problems and may need to use a bicycle. Would anybody have ideas on how to extend a bicycle tour by piecing together the other caminos so I could fill my 6-8 weeks riding a bike? I hope...
  14. Ana Claudia

    Camino by bike in June/2017

    Hy folks! My name is Ana Claudia. My husband and I will travel from Brazil to France at the end of May to do the French Camino by bike . It will be in commemoration of our 25 year wedding anniversary! We elaborate a sequence of steps of 14 days and we would like to know if this route is...
  15. Kiwi Suz

    Del Norte in high season, 2016, we biked

    I found this forum so helpful, I promised myself I would write something on return. Finding info, especially in English, seemed difficult before we here is the stuff we thought might be useful to others: We biked Santander to Santiago finishing 20 August. We took 19 days. We were the...
  16. Wayne of LaVerne

    Bike Transport from L.A. to Biarritz & Santiago De Compostela/ Coruna to L.A.

    I am flying Delta in May. Any tips or tricks? Maybe ship it ahead as freight? Any Santiago bike shops that can box bike for trip back, or where I can buy a box to repack it? The main delta flight should be able to handle the oversize box, but can the short leg using a partner airline (air...
  17. Nancy Curren

    Cycling the way questions

    We will cycle the Camino for 2 weeKS ending in Santiago on May 1. So many questions. Help please. 1. What route and where to start? 2. Buy or rent bikes? Where? (We do have additional time in Spain.) How about shipping or travel with them from USA or Germany where we have friends? Looking for...
  18. C

    Do i need a GPS system to cycle the Camino Frances?

    Hi all!! i set out for St Jean next week and i am confused as to whether i will need a Garmin/GPS system for my bike or not!! Will i find my way without one? Or is it a good idea to have one on hand.. i have a couple of guide books and lots of people are suggesting that i may not even need them...
  19. Cedar Schimke

    Biking to Finisterre after Walking the Way?

    I am interested in biking from SdC to Finisterre after walking the Camino Frances. Google maps says it's a 5 hr. 20 min ride. Has anyone biked SdC to Finisterre before and, if so, 1. Can you rent bikes to go one-way to Finisterre (so that you could take the bus back) 2. What's a reputable...
  20. P

    camino bike guide 2016-07-21

    I offer personalized camino bike trips. I guide you and your friends through every step of the preparation and planning. Then, I'll lead your trip, so all you have to do is enjoy the beauty of the Spanish countryside and culture.