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in memoriam

  1. SabsP

    RIP @annakappa

    Dear forummembers, It is with great sadness I inform you of the death of @annakappa. She and her husband fraluchi ( who was also a member here ) were very active on this forum. They were both gentle and wise people. They were always generous giving us advise on all things Camino. May she rest...
  2. Anniesantiago

    RIP Maria Nieves Panizo Benevente - Rabanal del Camino

    Since our earliest Caminos, Joe and I have stayed with the wonderful Benevente family at El Refugio Hosteria in Rabanal del Camino. Cristina and Antonio have always been so kind to us as pilgrims. Their sister, Pilar, has been serving as chef the past few years. The whole family just works so...
  3. MickMac

    Location of memorial for Denise Pikka Thiem.

    Does anyone know the exact location for the small memorial for Denise Pikka Thiem murdered on the Camino near Astorga.
  4. Bradypus

    Article about the recent death of Salvador - hospitalero at Ave Fénix

    An unusual long article which I just came across marking the recent death of Salvador - at various times a hospitalero in Ave Fénix in Villafranca del Bierzo. An eccentric man in an eccentric place. Some mention of Jesus Jato, Tomas of Manjarin and Don Blas of Fuenterroble too...
  5. Bradypus

    BBC Radio 4 "Last Word" - John Brierley

    John Brierley is to be one of the people discussed this afternoon in the BBC Radio 4 obituary programme "Last Word". The programme gives a brief appreciation of noteworthy people who have died recently. Not necessarily those with a high public profile. The programme should be available for...
  6. rappahannock_rev

    Memorial Garden for Denise Thiem near Astorga

    Just outside Astorga, on the left side of the Frances route to El Ganso and Rabanal and very near the Ecce Homo ermita, a Memorial Garden was established c2015 in the wake of the murder of Denise Thiem. A maple tree was planted there in her memory, I believe..... What is the current...
  7. L

    R.I.P Léonard Tandeau de Marsac. Co-founder of l’Hospitalité St Jacques, Estaing. (Voie du Puy)

    Léonard and Élisabeth Tandeau de Marsac. photo by Denis Meyer/Hans Lucas pour La Vie. It is with sorrow that I share with you all the passing of M. Léonard Tandeau de Marsac on Saturday January 14, 2023. Léonard was co-founder of l’Hospitalité St Jacques in the village of Estaing (Voie du...
  8. H

    Paula’s Memorial- Quinta da Burra

    Hello Everyone! Friends of Paula’s are invited to meet on 16th of February at 12 o'clock at the cemetery in Valada by her grave. We can spend some time together to remember Paula. You can leave a rock or shell or whatever you like by her grave. You are invited to come for lunch at Quinta da...
  9. F

    Remember Them (a tribute to pilgrims we have lost)

    There is a secret staircase away above the clouds, that one day each December reaches to the ground, On each step stands a pilgrim, who once walked the way, from a thousand years ago, to a year ago today, Some are dressed as peasants some are dressed as lords, some as Templar soldiers complete...
  10. L

    R.I.P Pierre Soulages

    R.I.P. Pierre Soulages, abstract artist commissioned in 1986 to create 104 stained glass windows for the Romanesque abbey of Sainte-Foy at Conques - a place where pilgrims repose along the Voie du Puy. ´´Delicately complementing the hues of the surrounding stone, they fulfilled Soulages’ aim...
  11. JohnLloyd

    The Camino Ninja - Andy Jensen RIP

    I’m reading elsewhere that the inventor of the Camino Ninja app has passed away while walking, in León. That’s very sad news. His astonishingly helpful app is his lasting legacy.
  12. Bad Pilgrim

    Aida Menéndez dies

    Aida Menéndez has died, according to El Progreso. She was the main promoter of the Invierno and is the author of guidebook(s) of this Camino. I learned this just now, on the Camino de Invierno; A Pobra do Brollón. I can't link the news article, unfortunately. Rest in peace.
  13. SYates

    Moorwalker - RIP

    @Moorwalker died today after a long illness, I so had hoped to meet here one day in person after we had so many exchanges here and on Facebook. May she rest in peace and may comfort be granted to her family and friends.
  14. peregrina2000

    Pulpería Ezequiel — RIP, Señora Mercedes

    I bet that there aren’t too many forum members who have walked the Francés and don’t know about the Pulpería Ezequiel. It was the original “go to” place for pulpo a feira in Melide (recently rivaled by Pulpería Garnacha), founded in 1960 by Mercedes and her husban Ezequiel. Ezequiel died years...
  15. jmcarp

    R.I.P. Gene McCullough

    Well-known Camino personage Gene McCullough passed away as a result of a bicycle accident on September 5th in his hometown of Denver, Colorado. Below is the memorial announcement from the Colorado Front Range Chapter of the American Pilgrims on the Camino. A celebration of life held in...
  16. hikingmd_05

    Death of a pilgrim from the Philippines

    I would like to share this sad news regarding a pilgrim from the Philippines who died while walking the Camino Frances last Thursday, July 22. Let’s include him in our prayers. Attached is a news item confirming his death. The article also contains links to his articles regarding his Camino...
  17. Marc S.

    Maria's Way : short documentary about Maria (Felisa's daughter)

    I just found this short documentary about Felisa's daughter Maria, the woman many of us have seen when entering Logrono, and who recenly died. see also this thread : https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/death-of-felisa%E2%80%99s-daughter-mar%C3%ADa.69602/ I do not know how many...
  18. peregrina2000

    Death of Felisa’s daughter, María

    When I first walked the Francés in 2000, on the way into Logroño, Felisa was there with her basket of figs, stamp, and a smile. It was one of those things that stays with you. At the time I met her, I had no idea she was a “legend,” she just struck me as a slightly eccentric but totally loving...
  19. F


    Each time I have been on Camino I am moved by the memorials to the departed Pilgrims in so many places along the way.I always say a prayer as I pass and one in particular at Moratinos I pause in remembrance as I knew Phil,known as The Methodist Pilgrim,who gave me much advice and encouragement...
  20. david1


    I had intended to embark upon my Camino this March, but one thing and another I found time and money to start now. Fro. St. David's cathedral in West Wales, through to Wells...And I'm leaving Salisbury this morning. I haven't walked all this way mind! ;-) Doing around 6-8 miles a day on my...

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