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in memorium

  1. jmcarp

    R.I.P. Gene McCullough

    Well-known Camino personage Gene McCullough passed away as a result of a bicycle accident on September 5th in his hometown of Denver, Colorado. Below is the memorial announcement from the Colorado Front Range Chapter of the American Pilgrims on the Camino. A celebration of life held in...
  2. hikingmd_05

    Death of a pilgrim from the Philippines

    I would like to share this sad news regarding a pilgrim from the Philippines who died while walking the Camino Frances last Thursday, July 22. Let’s include him in our prayers. Attached is a news item confirming his death. The article also contains links to his articles regarding his Camino...
  3. Marc S.

    Maria's Way : short documentary about Maria (Felisa's daughter)

    I just found this short documentary about Felisa's daughter Maria, the woman many of us have seen when entering Logrono, and who recenly died. see also this thread : I do not know how many...
  4. peregrina2000

    Death of Felisa’s daughter, María

    When I first walked the Francés in 2000, on the way into Logroño, Felisa was there with her basket of figs, stamp, and a smile. It was one of those things that stays with you. At the time I met her, I had no idea she was a “legend,” she just struck me as a slightly eccentric but totally loving...
  5. Kanga

    Sad news; the passing of David M Gitlitz

    Many of us will be forever grateful for the scholarship of Professor Gitlitz and his co-author, Linda Davidson, for giving us the most treasured of all gifts - The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago: The Complete Cultural Handbook. For anyone wanting to know the history, the culture, the treasures...


    Each time I have been on Camino I am moved by the memorials to the departed Pilgrims in so many places along the way.I always say a prayer as I pass and one in particular at Moratinos I pause in remembrance as I knew Phil,known as The Methodist Pilgrim,who gave me much advice and encouragement...
  7. peregrina2000

    RIP, Alison Raju

    Many forum members have used one or another of the camino guides written by Alison Raju. Her obituary tells of a life well lived, may she rest in peace...
  8. NualaOC

    Remembering Kat Davis in London

    I'm sure many of you saw the earlier thread about the untimely death of Kat Davis. (pilgrim, adventurer, blogger, writer, forum member .....). I noticed a new post on her Following the Arrows blog about memorial benches in London. It might be of interest to those who remember and were inspired...
  9. DaveFrew

    James Walter Purdum iv

    I have just heard that James Purdum, a member of this forum for some time, died at his home in the States last weekend. I had the privilege of walking the Camino Frances with Jimmy during September / October 2015 from Orisson to S de C. He loved his time on the Camino and often talked about...
  10. natefaith

    Denise Thiem - Five Years "In Memoriam"

    Hi everyone, April 5 marked 5 years since Denise passed away. I know many of you still think of her often, and I think it might be nice for the family if we marked this date by sending on condolences, and/ or even memories if you happened to walk with Denise or visited her memorial tree. I'm in...
  11. Paladina

    Death from Coronavirus of the Aran 'pilgrim'

    Although it is perhaps invidious to single out any one death from among the thousands of casualties around the world, those of you who have read Tim Robinson's Stones of Aran: Pilgrimage and Labyrinth, his Connemara trilogy and subsequent works, will be saddened by his death from Coronavirus. He...
  12. ivar

    RIP Megumi Shiozawa

    You may not know her, but she was a familiar face in Santiago.. especially in pilgrim circles. I never knew her personally, but I saw her at most of the pilgrim events that I went to Santiago since I came here in 2004. She worked on promoting the Camino in Japan and also promoted Kumano Kodo in...
  13. Bradypus

    Kat Davis - pilgrim and author. Died 28 February 2020.

    A mutual friend has passed on this message from the husband of Kat Davis. Kat will be known to many of us as a prolific and adventurous walker, blogger and more recently as the author of two Cicerone guide books for the Camino Portugues and the Kumano Kodo. Kat was an active member of this forum...
  14. Purky

    Epicamino has come to an end - fellow pilgrim and forum member David passed away

    Sad news, but I felt I had to share this with you. Yesterday I learned through social media that our fellow pilgrim @david1, or David Milligan, the author and protagonist of the Epicamino thread on this forum, passed away last weekend. David's tales from his epic camino (which began at St...
  15. SYates

    Resti Hospitalero Castrojeriz - RIP

    For those of us that have been around the Caminos for a bit, I am sorry to tell you a sad news. Resti, who was the first hospitalero in Castrojeriz, has died of a heart attack. He was famous for waking up pilgrims with Gregorian chants in the morning, banning, in later years, mobile phones from...
  16. KJFSophie

    Marilyn Kline, Camino Frances, Sept 2015 RIP Peregrina

  17. Orlando Wren

    Memorial for Denise?

    I've hiked the entire Camino Frances twice (2018 and 2019) and despite looking for it, I have yet to find the memorial for Denise Thiem (the pilgrim murdered near Astorga in April of 2015). Yet this year I came across this beautiful mural 13KM west of Burgos (my photo location says "Rabe de las...
  18. sillydoll

    Photographs wanted of memorials for pilgrims who died on the Camino

    For many years I've kept a memorial record of pilgrims who have died on the Camino. As far as possible, I have tried to include a photograph of a memorial erected by their loved ones. If you have any photographs of memorials in honour of the pilgrims who passed away on the Caminos, especially...
  19. Geodoc

    Death on the CF

    Apparently, a peregrino died about 2 km out of Orrison this morning. No particulars, but several perigrinos are talking about it in Roncesvalles tonight.
  20. JillGat

    Dutch peregrinas hit by car in Leon

    I met another peregrina in Santiago who was there and saw this happen and was very shaken up. The two women were walking in (or out of) Leon when they were struck by a car.One died and the other is in critical condition in a Spanish hospital. Please be careful and walk defensively. I think...