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  1. davebugg

    A Guide to Effective Water Filtration

    This guide is meant to be a broad overview of the issue of water safety and treatment while walking. This will be especially applicable for those with immune systems that are compromised by virtue of medical treatments or disease. Due to word length limitations, and personal interest in the...
  2. J

    Water Filter?

    I'm leaving for SJPP in two days and think that I'm well prepared after planning for several months. However I haven't been able to decide whether or not to bring a water filter. I'm hoping for some last minute insights from others who have done the CF before. Normally when I backpack in the...
  3. creamcitys

    Tap Water or Bottled Water?

    Is it safe to fill bottles with tap water or is it better / safer to buy bottled water along the trail?
  4. senora1

    Aqua para beber- drinking water

    When we walked in 2012 I used all the fountains found throughout the Camino. Usually I assumed it was good for drinking, filling up water bottles. Is this still the case? Does anyone have any reason to do otherwise? Thanks, just thinking ahead…
  5. K

    Water availability Sarria to Santiago

    Hi, please can you tell me the availability of water refill opportunities on the stretch from Sarria ? Trying to gauge how much we need to carry with us. Starting 30th May 2022. Thanks
  6. CaminoKatie

    Ingenious (to me) water bottle solution : )

    Not being a fan of water bladders, nor of having to reach around to pull my water bottle out of my pack's side pocket, I came up with this idea instead. (Please note that you can buy something like this on Amazon for $25, except that folks complain it doesn't always fit the lids of their water...
  7. F

    So this is what dehydration feels like

    Not on a Camino at mo (where I always down enough water), but in Mexico and doing loads of walking each day. Say 25k just strolling about! Water for sale everywhere butI know I can be a bit lapse! Not anymore. Huge temperature change night to day here and I’ll at a football match in third and...
  8. L

    Drinking water sources

    We have read that the fuentes along the Camino are a safe source for drinking water, are they? We are trying to avoid plastic bottles accumulation and stomach issues. Thanks
  9. F

    Water sources on the Camino del Norte between Gijon and Santiago de Compostela

    I am not generally concerned about water in Spain... and I am *really* not worried as I move along the coast on the Norte this spring, but what happens in the spring run-off season when I turn southward to SdC from Gijon? Even where I live, in Canada, because of ranching on the higher ground, I...
  10. Hiawatha

    Bottle vs Bladder

    When bushwalking I use a bladder , while trekking a bottle . Both have advantages and disadvantages so I decided to combine both . A bottle with a bite valve , easily made in a few moments using rubber bands a bite valve from a punctured bladder I had and a generic disposable water bottle ...
  11. Damien Reynolds

    Spanish equivalent of mums or emergency-c

    Greetings from Gernika! Looking for the Spanish equivalent of powder or tablets that you put in your water to add electrolytes. Mine ran out already! What are they called and where can you find them? Any help would surely be appreciated!
  12. BrianLCrabtree

    Coping with heat on the Camino

    How do pilgrims handle severe heat on the Camino (35-38 C, 95-100 F)? Aside from the usual precautions for hydration, frequent breaks, lightweight clothing, etc, what other precautions do you take? Do you start the day earlier to finish earlier? Walk shorter distances on very hot days? Take a...
  13. Robo

    Carrying Water - Water System Options (video)

    I'm sure this will create a lot of debate :) What 'system' do you prefer? Do you have others to share?
  14. TaraUltreia

    Drinking water availability on the VdLP

    Hi All, I drink a LOT of water when I'm hiking. It's not unusual for me to go through 2 or more litres a day. On the Frances it used to be a bit more difficult to find water but now there are so many cafes and albergues (as well as many fountains) that I can refill as I go along. What is the...
  15. G

    Taking water on the coastal Portuguese Camino

    Hi all I am really new to this forum and so thankful I have found it. You are all wonderful people, especially Ivar who runs it. I will be walking the Camino Portugues with my husband next year (we are ~65) and he is adamant we should do the coastal route even though I have heard that there...
  16. t2andreo

    Hats and shade... The definitive post...

    This is a frequent subject in the forum. Every summer, when the really hot dry weather comes to northern Spain, and indeed all Spanish pilgrimage routes, the subject arises. Recently, with the serious heat wave across all of Europe and much of Spain, this discussion has taken on a new urgency...
  17. Julia Mumford

    Water bottle or Hydration Pack?

    I am just curious if you guys prefer a water bottle or hydration pack? I have always carried a hydration pack for my Camino's but I have just noticed that my current Osprey one looks a bit grubby, so I need a new one. Or should I swap to a water bottle? Pro's and Cons? Thank you.
  18. notion900

    Packed lunches, people!

    I have read a few threads and had some conversations recently where people walking routes off the French Way for the first time were genuinely surprised that you can't get breakfast, second breakfast, lunch (and presumably afternoon tea with scones and crumpets) and frequent ice cold water...
  19. C

    How Much Water are People Carrying and Drinking?

    I was told agua no es gratis en Europa. Es verdad? How are people carrying water and re-supplying? How much water are people drinking each day? Estoy en Florida. Today I walked with my backpack and nearly three liters of water and ran out. Got more though. Water really affects gear and...
  20. jo webber

    Surviving in the Heat

    After reading the Hot, Get a Hat thread I decided to post a bit of information on how to survive a heat wave or just heat one is unaccustomed to. I have lived in the desert for 55+yrs, where summer temps reach 115F on a normal summer day. Last year we had a person die almost every weekend from...

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