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  1. 7wood

    Drinking water

    Is it safe to drink water from taps between SJPP and Pamplona?
  2. 7wood

    Safe to drink water.

    Is it safe to drink water from the taps, from SJPP to Pamplona?
  3. M

    Water Bottle or Camelback/Playtpus?

    Hola Pilgrims!! I started my USA pre camino left OH last week for wedding at oldest winery in USA 170 years old in Marlbourough NY-blessed event..then drove to the Berkshires MA to visit relatives..met 2 pilgrims that just returned from Camino Frances- coinidink?! Met them seperatly..one...
  4. C

    What type and size water bottle to take?

    Hi all, Sorry if this has been asked already. I want to know what type of water bottle I should be buying and what size? Will any particular made bottles (e.g. aluminium) have a funny taste? Any recommendations for something that is very eco-friendly? Thanks, Catherine.
  5. A

    Water bottle or hydration pouch ('camel back')?

    Hi everyone, I have to decide between a 1l very light stainless steel water bottle OR a 2l hydration pouch that goes inside a pocket in my backpack. I haven't used a hydration pouch before so not sure about the advantages or disadvantages. Any tips??
  6. W

    water on the Camino

    Hi there, Folks.... Greetings to all.... I would like to ask you about drinking the water along the trail...I am used to walking in Nepal where the water is lethal...Do you purify your water on the Camino before you drink it? Go Well, WS
  7. H

    Age old question - Water on the Camino

    How safe is the water on the Camino? Where is the best places to obtain safe drining water?
  8. EvaF

    Maps with fountain info

    I was wondering if someone might have information/maps that describe the fountain locations along the Camino Frances. Two years ago Sil was nice enough to send me some maps that detailed this information. This year we are starting a little further back, in O'Cebreiro, and I am wondering if there...
  9. funkytwig

    How big/many water bottles to take

    How much water carrying capacity do people recommend. I was thinking of taking camelbak and a water bottle. Would three liters total be OK or should I go for four?

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