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New Member
Hi Everyone,

First of all I want to thank Ivar for putting up and maintaining this wonderful board, as well as all the people who contribute to it. It was instrumental in the planning of my pilgrimage.

I just returned from the Camino in the first week of June. I attempted to walk from Orlean, France but decided the freeway walking beyond Tours was too dangerous so I skipped ahead from Tours to Saint-Jean-Pied-De-Port. All said and done I walked 1011 kilometers all the way to Finisterre. The pilgrimage was the best thing I've ever done, I'd do it again any day!

For those of you interested I've posted some pictures from along the way, there are lots of them: http://picasaweb.google.com/SaunteringPilgrim

Enjoy, and thanks again,
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Re: your photos

Eric, I just spent some time looking at your photos. I'm a retired photography instructor, so I have looked a few photos. Your composition is just terrific! Your are a very gifted person and I thank you for sharing them with us all. They made me all the more excited to make my walk in Oct. Thanks again, John

I completed the camino frances a few years ago and I'm about to do it again at the beginning of Sept.

I've just looked through your photos and have to congratulate you. Apart from being well-composed etc, they capture the spirit of the camino very well. It's solitude, the companionship of other pilgrims, the sense of the ancient nature of the road and the places you stop at on the way.

They brought back a lot of wonderful memories for me and now I am even more keen to start on my way.

Thanks again
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Hola !

I just have to agree with the two other guys - your pictures were splendid !!!!!!

What kind of camera did you use ? I brought a big, heavy Canon EOS 20 D on my first week in May. I think it was too heavy to carry, so my last five weeks will be with an old Canon compact-camera with only 4 mp.

Best wishes, and if you make a book of your photos, I will most certainly buy it !

Liv :)
Eric -

Thank you for posting the pictures. They are so beautiful!!. I particularly liked the variety of settings - the road - friends - interesting buildings/animals/flora along the way, and the story that your album tells.

Best wishes


I just LOVED looking at your photos!
We have 2 weeks until we leave for Europe and now I'm REALLY anxious to get on the Camino Sept 1 --

I have a question.. you look very happy & healthy at the end of the walk. Did you lose much weight?

Thanks again! Gosh, I feel I don't need to take a camera now.. I'll just keep your photos as a postcard!

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Fabulous Pics

Hi Eric

Just spent a pleasant hour looking at your pics. I have travelled much of that country (by car) and know people who live in northern Spain. Your pics are terrific and capture much of the beauty of that part of Spain.

I will be in SJPP Sept. 18th to begin my pilgrimage and can't wait to start. Your pics on whetted the appetite. Thanks for taking the time to put together such a good presentarion. I am sure it will inspire many.

Hola Eric!

What fantastic photos you took! Best set of camino photos I've seen on the net so far. If I have only known there was a world class photographer along the road I would have gladly applied as a disciple. I met you along the camino, I believe Gino (of Geneva) and Pierre (Canadian of the overnight coughing fit in Logrono) introduced you to me, the only Filipino on the road at the time. After Logrono I was mostly one day ahead of you but I met Gino, Pierre and Geoff again the day they arrived in Santiago shortly before continuing to Finisterre. You're lucky not to have encountered the sleet and snow at the Cruz de Ferro!

It is seeing photos like yours (with familiar faces) that transport me back to the camino again...


Mark TQM
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