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albergues on the via de la plata Pt.2

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Between Calzada de Valduncei and El Cubo the triail is torn up near the highway due to construction of a new highway.

EL CUBO Pg.117 – New albergue 6E. cooking and hot showers.

ZAMORA Pg 121 – An amanazing NEW albergue . 4E 32 beds, kitchen and hot shower.

MONTMARTA. Pg. 122 – New albergue just before here. Basic 4E. hot showers. Several restaurants close by Hotel El Asturiano was closed for vacation when I was there . (octobber)

GRANJA DE MORERUELA Pg 125- There is only one albergue here. It is in the Bar Teleclub. 5E Beds and hot shower only. 8or 10 beds.Great food in the bar

SANTA CROYA DE TERA Pg.129 – Casa Anita 10E , 8E menu. Great

RIO NEGRO DEL PUENTE Pg.133 – New albergue 7E, kitchen, hot showers, not many supplies in the one store. 2 bars.

PALACIOS DE SANABRIA Pg. 135 – Can stay in a private house. Ask for Theresa in the Bar 15E, food 10E

REQUEJO Pg. 145 – Very basic, hot shower. Donation. Behind the pharmacy . Tu casa restaurant great food. Menu 6E

LUBIAN Pg. 147 - New albergue 3E hot plate . no plates or utensils 4 pots.

After O CANIZO to Guidina take the road how.N525 construction.Well marked.

From Guidina – Laza other guides say it is 34km not 24 as in book. I found it to be 34.

ALBERGUERIA Pg. 153 - Besides the great bar I hear from the owner there is an albergue here as well.The shells covering the walls and ceiling is a site to be seen.

BOUZAS Pg. 171 – Great coffee here, it is not necessary to detour 500m to the main road.

Cea to Monasterio. The route was well marked. I don’t recall going thru the two towns mentioned.

MONASTERIO DE OSEIRA (Pg. 172) – It is necessary to stay a minimum of 3 days to be in the monastery. (2 fellows were there for a week)
There is a one room building that is musty, no showers (can shower in the monastery) but I would not have given up the experience with the monks because of this (mass, prayers and closing prayers at the end of the night. I was invited for breakfast, but wanted to get on the road early.
Service sunday 10am and 11am. Tours m-f 10,11,12,3:30. weekends 12:45, 3:30 , 4:30 , 5:30.

Cea – Castro Dozon Pg. 173 – no road construction. In CASTRO the albergue is in a make shift trailer.

LAXE pg. 175 – the police now have the keys. (number on the albergue) This is an amazing spacious albergue.

Bandeira – albergue was open but 2.7km away in a campground.

From DORNELAS Pg. 177 the route changed somewhat because of the high speed train being built. It is not possible to pass the Ermita de Santiago or Noveledo. Change in route is well marked

Pg. 178 – New albergue 4km after Puent Ulla. It seems everone calls this a different name. I understand it to be Santiaguino in the county of Vedra. The restaurant is closed on Tuesday. Call and they will deliver even on Tuesday. Hospitalera . cooking and hot showers in the albergue. This is BEAUTIFUL albergue with a fabulous view. A great place to stay the night, it is only 16km to Santiago in the morning.

Buen camino
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Hi, Dawn, I just want to echo the thanks. I'm going to scribble your notes in the margins of my CSJ guide, I don't have the other one you mentioned. I am planning to start from Sevilla in April, still not sure of the exact date, and having your recent updates is invaluable.
Muchisimas gracias,
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laurie, do a search for albergues on the vdlp pt.1 on this site. i posted in 2 segments, the first from seville to salamanca. let me know if you can't find it, i can email you., or repost.
About Castro Dozon-the albergue is located right at the end of town-about 700 metres from the shops.I'm not sure what a 'trailer' is (isn't it something with wheels?) but the albergue has a sign saying it is 'provisional' and looks like it might be there for a while.


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hi ,i actually didn't see it, a friend who i hooked up with saw it, and said no way he wanted to stay there., i gathered that the bathrooms were in a different part, as the kitchen, trailer meaning it was temporary. Anyone stay there, i continued on to Laxe which was an amazing hostel.
It wasn't too bad-the bathrooms are in the 2 white facing doors and sleeping on the left and right-I don't recall a kitchen though

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