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Alternative Walking Routes to Santiago?

Wasn't quite sure where to ask, but here looks OK. Please move if it isn't.

I've finally stopped walking! My plan from here is to rent a place on Costa de la Muerte in Galicia for my next fundraising project. As well as painting pictures to sell for charity I hope to find time to compile a book and arrange exhibitions for 2011 all about alternative walking routes to Santiago. There are plenty of 'alternatives' listed on these boards (as in alternative to the now over popular Camino Frances). As well as the other routes I've walked and bussed :oops: myself, I have met many people who have told me about very alternative, and non-Christian routes (excuse the non-Christian bit - not exactly sure how else to describe them) such as 'The Way of the Romantics' (as walked by writers and painters from the Romantic movement), and a pagan route that follows megaliths and prehistoric art and other ancient monuments. Someone also told me about an alternative 'way of the stars' that follows a theory about early human migration passages. There are others.

Fully appreciate my heracy :wink: but, anyone here have any more information worth researching about the 'very alternative' routes I've mentioned, or others I haven't.

Go on; make one up if you like. They all count.

All feedback greatly appreciated. It's all for a good cause!
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