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Any 20somethings doing the pilgrimage in June/July?


New Member
Hi Folks,

I am a 25 year old New Yorker who very much hopes to make the pilgrimage to Santiago de Campostela this June and July. I see many posts by folks 50+ years old (and I think that is AWESOME) but am wondering how many of you soon to be pilgrims are about my age and if any of you are planning to do the hike this summer.



New Member
Hey Eric,

Glad to see there is another out there with the same question! What has made you decide to start the pilgrimage from Orleans? How long do you expect it will take you?

I'm leaving with 3 friends from Pied De Port 3rd of July. We're all 26 yrs old.

This is our anniversary journey :) The four of us did this trip exactly 10years ago and we always said we would do it again 10yrs later. And now it looks like it might actually happen.
Alan said:
Hey Eric,

Glad to see there is another out there with the same question! What has made you decide to start the pilgrimage from Orleans? How long do you expect it will take you?

Originally I decided because I was flying into Paris to start so it seemed logical that I walk from there. Then I read "Hug for an Apostle" by Laurie Dennett and was somewhat influenced to start from Chartres. Then looking at maps I thought that walking more in the Loire valley might be nice so I chose to leave from Orléans instead... I guess when you plan things way in advance your plans may change alot :)

I'd walk from the more traditional Le Puy but it seems too late to switch my plans at this point.

From Orléans I have 87 days before leaving from Madrid, I think I can make it in about 70-75 days then everthing else is up in the air. Finnisterre will be an obvious destination if I have time.



New Member
Well, it's great to see so many others onlist ready to take up the journey while in their twenties. Does anyone know how long it should take from Roncesvailles?

gholsong said:
Well, Wannes, if that be the case, then I'm sure we'll be seeing each other sometime in the future.

Are you going to spend a few days in Pamplona for San Fermin? We'll be there the first three, and run with the bulls on day 1 of the running.

The internet is cool.


well the tickets are booked :)

we fly on the 4th so we will be on the road on the 5th.

I don't know about pamplona. We will probably stay there a day or so, but that depends a bit. Last time we were there during during San Fermin also and my god that town goes crazy then. If we feel like it we will for sure join the party, but it could well be we just march straight through.

depends on the mood.

And yeah the internet is cool :)


New Member

Hey Natalie,

Maybe we'll see each other on the trail! I should be starting about that time but don't know what the differences are between leaving from Roncesvailles or Port. I just finished a three day hiking adventure in Liguria, Italy: in the mountain fortress trail above Genoa, the Portofino Promontorio and Cinque Terre. I think the Camino de Santiago has my name all over it!


aokspinningchic said:
Hey Alan,

I'm doing the Camino with two other friends this summer. We leave from the U.S. June 13th so we're thinking we'll start walking the 15th. We're not sure if we're starting at Roncesvalles or Pied de Port. My vote's for Pied but we're still debating.

Oh, and we're all 21.

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