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Baggage transfer from all hotels or just some?


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May 2024
We are leaving May 4th for the Camino, starting in Ponferrada. I tried online to book the Correos Pac Monchila luggage transfer service and it provided a drop down list box of specific hotels/hostels in Ponferrada. If our location is not on the list, do we have to take the luggage to a hotel on the list in the morning? What about if we are staying at a remote location, outside a major town. Is this "list" of pick up and drop off locations the only places to transfer luggage on the entire route?

Thank you for your help.
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Any hotel that is actually on the Camino will have pack transport. You don’t really need to organize it in advance - all the companies have a system for booking day by day: usually you complete an envelope which you attach to your pack and they do the rest.
For remote locations, you may have to arrange a special pickup (at an extra special price) or even a taxi service to transport your bag. Not all companies serve all accommodations, nor do all accommodations have access to this service, especially remote ones. Your best bet is to ask each accommodation for their advice on this topic as I am sure they deal with this regularly
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You can email Correos and ask them whether they can pick up at your location. The fact it isn’t on the list doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t go there. It may be that they will just need the contact information for where you are staying to confirm someone will be there for delivery and pickup. I used Correos last year and found them to be very responsive to emails.
I use NCS bag transfer. They speak English. They (and other transfer companies) leave their envelopes in hotels and albergues. NCS charges 6 euro that you slip in the envelope and attach to your bag. On the envelope you write the destination of the bag. You must contact them via phone call or WhatsApp the day before. Even late. It’s Spain.
You can email Correos and ask them whether they can pick up at your location.
I have also found Correos very responsive to emails, so drop them a line. Have you double-checked their drop-down list? Sometimes the name of the hotel / hostal / hostel is written differently.
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