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Betanzos Albergue

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Urban trekker1

Urban Trekker1
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Someone complained about the lack of kitchen facilities and other issues at the new albergue in Betanzos. I live in the US. We don't have the long history that you have in Europe. Over here we tear down the old to make way for the new. There, you preserve and cherish the old by keeping it and incorporating the new into it. With the exception of giant log lodges (Yellowstone Lodge and others) built for the uber rich by the rail roads in the late 1800s, we have nothing like that over here and mores the pity. You might not see it the way I do because you live there and probably take if for granted. I thought that the albergues in Betonzos and Bruma were incredible structures and enjoyed them for what they were. The albergue is new and not finished. Give the operators time to finish it and appreciate the truly great buildings you have over there. Buen Camino Tony


Rome wasn´t built in a day. And it seems neither was the Albergue at Betanzos.

Things take their time. And as the Camino itself.........peregrinos should too............... enjoy the Camino as you stroll along. And if your
Camino takes you thru Betanzos, enjoy it as well.

Buen Camino!


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Tony -
Firstly I think that if you perceive something in a post as being a complaint that you don't agree with, it's much better if you can respond on that thread, so that others have a chance to judge whether it was written as a complaint and whether your comments are fair ones in the context of the post..
Secondly, I hold a different view to you. I think it's really sad that a very impressive new albergue doesn't have proper cooking facilities. I think
1. that not everyone, especially the younger folk, can afford to buy a restaurant meal. Being able to cook in an albergue is a real help for these people
2. my most treasured moments on the camino have involved the cooking and sharing of a meal with fellow pilgrims - and these moments are becoming much scarcer.
I know there are a number of counter arguments, primarily around supporting the local restaurant economy, but it still saddens me to see what I believe is one of the very best aspects of the camino being built out of it rather than built in to it.
By the way - here's what the finished 'kitchen' looks like
cheers, tom

Tia Valeria

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Thanks for the photo. It looks as though the kitchen has 2 microwaves, am I right? There was something some time back about fire regs making it more difficult to have ovens/gas rings because people would dry their clothes too near them. (An example of how people flouting rules can affect all who follow later??)
It would be helpful to know if the Galician albergues generally now have microwaves. What about suitable containers for 'cooking' in them?
Perhaps some-one with the knowledge could start a specific thread on this.


Thanks for the photo. As Urban Trekker 1 said it´s not finished yet. Hopefully it will be by next summer when I plan to walk the Camino Ingles. If not we´ll just have to make due.

Buen Camino!

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