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Blister treatment

Ideal sleeping bag liner whether we want to add a thermal plus to our bag, or if we want to use it alone to sleep in shelters or hostels. Thanks to its mummy shape, it adapts perfectly to our body.

Compeed also makes a spray on 'second skin' blister treatment. It is excellent - if you stay at home with your foot up and don't try to hike 20 - 30km a day!
Sil - I laughed out loud at your answer. The reality is that there is no magic solution to blisters. If you get them you have to either stop walking all together or use traditional methods (imho) pass the thread through to wick the fluid, leave it in place, apply a dressing if neccessary...and all is well.
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Compeed, either in plaster or spray form, is best thought of as a run-flat tyre: it will protect you from the pain of the blister as you walk during the day - when you have finished walking, you should remove the Compeed and drain the blister, let it have some fresh air - next day, another Compeed
The best way to cope with blisters is not to get them in the first place. Make sure your boots are well worn in before you begin your Camino, and then every morning slather vaseline over your feet and in particular between your toes before putting your socks and boots on.
And never forget those three magic words...

Compeed, Compeed, Compeed!
Many hospitaleros throw their hands up in dismay when pilgrims mention Compeed.
I have used it very successfully, but last year it proved to be a disaster for me.
Walking in heavy rain and mud from Roncesvalles resulted in soggy boots (not waterproof :cry: ), heavy wet socks, and great big blisters on both heels. The Compeed - which is supposed to last for a few days, even in the shower - disintegrated around the edges, stuck to the socks and tore the skin off the blisters when I took my socks off.
Compeed must go on dry skin: the instructions advise warming the plasters before you put them on to make them more adhesive: don't stretch them too far otherwise they could shrink back in the cold and the edges could curl.
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I very rarely walk with wet feet (bought some waterproof socks but never used them in anger yet) so haven't encountered the problem Sil describes - but the key point for me is that while Compeed certainly will stay on for a few days, it's much better to put another Compeed on each day so that fresh air gets to the blister and you can drain it if needed (needle and thread though I just use a safety pin to release the liquid) when you're not walking

And, of course, prevention is much, much better - see previous threads involving wearing trusted boots or trainers, inner liner socks plus other outer socks as well as changing socks during the day and allowing short periods for the feet to dry - and examining your feet during the day will enable you to deal with any problems there and then rather than waiting until the end of the day

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Hi All- I’d like to hear from someone who walked the Camino who had similar health issues. Of course I’m feeling itchy about walking the Camino again, only this time I’ll be 12 years older (65)...

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