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Bought my backpack today & footwear question

I'm one step closer to my Camino in May. I purchased an Aarn Freedom Featherlite (one of last year's models, 40L size) yesterday from an Australian company I found on Ebay. I read about the Aarn back pack here & liked what I saw on the website, so I went ahead & purchased one.

As for footwear, I'm alternating between hiking boots & walking/crosstraining shoes, aka sneakers/trainers. I'm concerned about twising my ankles & think that the boots would give my ankles more support, but the ones I have are heavy. I've read here about people using the New Balance shoes. Do they provide enough support for your ankles? There isn't a New Balance store in my town, but I can visit one when I go out of town to a larger city.

Thanks for the advice!
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Just bear in mind that I never use hiking boots

I walked this April/May with more comfortable trainers The North Face Blaze Low (plus Sorbothane double strike insoles - 1.1kg) and lighter fell-running Inov8 Terroc 330s (0.8kg)

There's very little of the Camino (in terms of slope or muddiness) that needs boots so I'd certainly recommend that you try trainers - plus the insoles that will give you additional protction when walking on the roads/harder surfaces - certainly I had no problems with my ankles

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Don't bother with heavy boots. I walked the via de la plata in may with columbia walking shoes-comfortable and light. There is no hiking or particularly rough parts. As for the backpack-don't be tempted to fill it. My was about 30 ltrs and weighed 6 kgs which is plenty if you have to carry it for hours on end. I don;t recommend those silly walking poles, I found two legs adequate. all the best

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hi Dg, dawn here in victoria. i'll reply to your pm soon.
hiking boots, i wore New Balance 976 hiking boots.. they are light .and go fairly high up the ankles. i am not sure about runners. i wore out the soles in mine (just in the heel) i would recommend sandals, either tivas for the nights, or get a really good pair of hiking sandals. that way you can alternate during the day if you have feet problems.
i bought a 30L pack and it was big enough!!
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