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Bus from Pamplona to Roncesvalles


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After much google-ing I have found the official online timetable of the bus services between Pamplona and Roncesvalles: http://www.autocaresartieda.com/default.html . I think it works with "pop-ups" as once you reach this page you then have to click on "linaes regulares" and then select the Jaurrieta-Pamplona service. Lots of services are listed; clicking on the details button at the far right edge gives the info about the days of the week that the service runs and the dates between which the details are or were valid. The site is only in Spanish and Euskara, but I found the Spanish version OK to follow.

While there seem to be quite a few buses between the two towns, most details are historic. The morning buses were from summer 2007 and are not running at the moment. Until 2nd July 2008 the only buses are 1600 on Saturdays, arriving 17.10; and 1800 Mon - Fri, arriving 19.10.

At the time of this post, there are no details for dates after 2 July 2008, but the link above looks like it should work after that.


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This link is still up and appears to be updated...but I don't see a price anywhere (which probably means my Spanish is not up to the task).

I will arrive from Lisbon at 17:05 and I THINK I see a bus to Roncesvalles at 18:00. Does anyone know the location of the Bus station in relationship to the Airport??


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When you arrive at the Pamplona airport, take either the airport bus or a taxi into Pamplona. Which you take will probably depend on the connection time you have. The Roncesvalles bus leaves from the bus station which is just down the street--a couple of blocks--from where the airport bus lets you off. A taxi will take you directly there. The bus station sits in front of the citadel--which is a distinctive location--a glass front and anyone can direct you to it. The buses depart from the below ground station. The ticket office is close to the bottom of the stairs.
About to embark on my very first Camino. I need to get from Pamplona train station to St Jean on 8 June. Tried the Express Bourricot, but no luck.
I followed your link, Adam, and found that there is one bus at 18 to Roncesvalles, but nothing later (train arrives at 18:30). Maybe it's my poor Spanish keeping me from navigating correctly - maybe there is no bus later. Please, can anyone help me?


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One bus, and you miss it by a lot!
Pamplona Saint Jean De Pied De Port 14:00 15:45 1h 45min 15.0€ 01/06/2012 30/09/2012 LMXJVSD
BURGUETE 14:45 14:45
RONCESVALLES 14:50 14:50
VALCARLOS 15:15 15:15
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You must be very excited as your departure time draws nearer!

You could take a private taxi to SJPdP on the evening of June 8. The taxi rate is usually 1 euro per kilometer; be sure to ask before you get in the taxi! Or you might go to an albergue in Pamplona such as the Casa Paderhorn see http://caminodesantiago.consumer.es./al ... -paderborn
or albergue Jesus et Maria see http://caminodesantiago.consumer.es./al ... us-y-maria. Once at an albergue you could further inquire about the bus for SJPdP leaving the next day. Perhaps Bourricot might have space then.

Another possibility is that you find other pilgrims for SJPdP on your train. All might then share a taxi together.

Such complications as these seem to eventually work out one way or another.

Bon Voyage and Buen Camino,



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Casa Paderborn (26 beds) is open during San Fermin, but Jesus y Maria (114 beds) is not. Paderborn
during the celebration week, Saint Fermin '(bull run) of 6 to 14 July is the whole city crowded. All accommodations are fully booked! The hotel prices are exploding.
will fill quickly, so you should make a reservation as soon as possible, both for your initial arrival, and your arrival on return, since it is likely to be during the festival of San Fermin also.


Is it possible to make a reservation at Casa Paderborn ?- I was under the impression you couldn't reserve at albergues....
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Sojourner47 said:
Is it possible to make a reservation at Casa Paderborn ?- I was under the impression you couldn't reserve at albergues....

According to Eroski Consumer http://caminodesantiago.consumer.es./etapa-de-zubiri-a-pamplona you can NOT reserve at Casa Paderborn or Jesus y Maria in Pamplona since they are municipal albergues. In general you can only reserve a bunk in advance at some private albergues. One place where you can reserve in advance is the Hostel Hemingway. See http://www.hostelhemingway.com/



Yes, as I thought. Thanks for the link, Margaret.
Not that I will be there for San Fermin, later in the year planned.


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According to Paderborn:
No, the Casa Paderborn takes no reservations. Our confraternity is associated with the confraternity in Santiago. So we stick to their rules!
But at Sanfermin the town is overcrowded. Even in the surrounding places all beds are occupied.
The municipal refuge is closed for pilgrims an Sanfermin. The municipality will make money from the bullrunners!
First try Hostal Hemingway.
Buen Camino
So it looks like a hostal or nothing, with "nothing" being the likely outcome!

http://www.jakobusfreunde-paderborn.eu/ ... mplona.pdf


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Hi everyone,

I am arriving at 7:30pm into Pamplona and it looks like the bus only runs at 6pm to Roncavelles daily? I was hoping there would be something in the morning but someone please correct me if I am wrong. This makes me want to start the camino in Pamplona because this would mean another 24 hours of delays.. which I know there will be some but it is the fall and I do want to start my walk.

Thanks for any info!!
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I have the same "problem" as you, veggy, my plane will be landing in Pamplona at 6.05 pm, just not in time for the bus to Roncesvalles, where I have desided to start my camino this time ...

I thouht I will take a taxi though, and count it into my travel budget.
Anybody knows the cost of this these days?

(Maybe I will search in another thread here for people to share it with me, I am arriving Pamplona the 9th of October :)).
Some of this information appears dated and the original link did not work for me.

My GF and I arrive in Madrid 10:05 AM Monday. I must check my poles on the flight so making it to Pamplona in time for the bus to Roncevalles may be a problem.

If it is, maybe other might want to share a cab to SJPDP?


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There is no service Sundays or holidays for the Artieda bus. ALSA has not announced its schedule to SJPdP for May.
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