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Camino Ingles/ Credential

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Inglès April 2023
Primitivo July 2023
Here’s an odd question for you - when (as I understand it) the Ingles is one of the more popular Caminos, why doesn’t it show on the map on the rear of the Credential ? There’s plenty of room…..
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It does on my credentials. I see the Camino Ingles both on the maps on the rear of the credencial from the Cathedral (the one that Ivar sends out) and the rear of the credencial from my national Camino organization (the Canadian Company of Pilgrims). I can't speak to why it is not on the maps on your credencial.
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I got mine from Ivar in February, I'd take a photo but I wrote it on by hand so it's going to be pretty meaningless. How bizarre!
It's on the slightly older version I picked up in Coimbra a couple of days ago, on the same map as the CF, Sanabres and Via de la Plata.

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I've been home from the Frances for just over a week. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. He asked me about the Camino and checked my vitals. I'm 60. He said: "Your vitals are incredible"...
I noticed the other thread about arranging for the Botafumeiro to swing and it suggests the cost is circa €300. Now if I was flying half way around the world and I wanted to see the Botafumeiro...
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Hi all, wasn’t sure where to put this question, I’m currently in Muxia and traveling back to Santiago today and flying home tomorrow. I have something that I need to leave for someone at a pilgrim...
Its funny how time slips by Its 10 years today i got to join you guys. Now? Because things and stuff happening at work Where once again..I may get RIFFed out But this time there may be enough...
Is going from Santiago to Finisterra via Mixta and back on foot considered official Camino? Big thanks. Elin

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