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Clothing needed for May-June?


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Hi, I plan to start on Frances around May 27. I was wondering what are suitable clothing I'd need to bring for a walk at that time. I've seen average temperatures and precipitation at that season but would like to know exactly what should I wear based on your expectations.

For now, I plan to wear a dry-fit short sleeved shirt, long hiking pants, and a water-proof jacket (very light). Would I need a fleece zip up to keep me warm?
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Expect anything, but it quite possibly won't be as warm as you might be imagining for June. The Meseta lies at an altitude of 800m or so, so it can get cold there. You might strike a heatwave, or you might strike some bitterly cold winds for which a light fleece would not be sufficient. The easiest way to cope is with several light layers that you can add or remove easily.
Last June there was a day when a local shop sold a lot of fleeces to people who had not brought enough warm clothing with them!


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Mr Clutch...welcome!

Margaret has it down pat and you would do well to consider her recommendations.

On the topic of fleece(s).

I hiked in 40 degree weather with just a poly pro short sleeve and a fleece vest. When weather dictated...I either opened the fleece, took it off or added a wind breaker. As you hike along body heat keeps you warm as long as you continue to adjust your layers.

May I suggest that you check out the FAQ and Class of 2009 topics to see what else may be in the offing and whom may be walking the Camino at the same time.

Buen layering all the Way Camino


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Hi, I would pack a couple pair of quick dry trail pants (ones that convert to shorts), 4 wicking shirts, waterproof and breathable pants/jacket, and a lightweight fleece. In addition to all the useful information in this forum, check out the Gear List page on my website for a full list of gear I used during my Camino in April. Buen Camino!

Javier Martin

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Usually you can expect a quite warm weather, but don't forget that sometimes it's possible to meet even snow in Foncebadon or Cebreiro. Wouldn't be the first time it happens, and this is being a quite cold and storming winter.

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.
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The responses are concerned with 'when walking' but let us not forget the nights in the refugios ... as a first-timer he most likely won't know what is expected in these gender mixed hostels. Even in hot weather it is not considered appropriate to walk around indoors in just t-shirts and shorts (or, heaven forbid, just underwear) - this is Catholic Spain and it is a Pilgrimage ... no, men - and foreign gentlemen in particular - are expected to dress modestly at all times.

Minimum requirements are a pair of plain flannel pyjamas for bed wear and a tartan dressing gown for moving around the hostel.

Some innovative gentleman are taking to wearing silk pyjamas to save weight but this is quite frowned upon in the more traditional areas of Spain! :shock:

As I have mentioned elsewhere last year, although the clothing is expected to be plain - this is a serious pilgrimage after all - one is allowed to express some individuality in choice of footwear (slippers are expected to be worn at all times) and moroccan tooled leather slip-ons were quite the thing a year or so ago.

finally, to do with the vexed bed-bug problem - a new type of pyjamas has appeared. These do seem to offer some protection but are so figure fitting that they are quite immodest. If you choose these you must keep your dressing gown done up at all times!

A bit of extra weight of course, but if it does become cold you can wear the dressing gown whilst walking along - very elegant! - some pics below.

I do hope that this helps :wink:


  • morroccan slippers.jpeg
    morroccan slippers.jpeg
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  • men's pyjamas.jpeg
    men's pyjamas.jpeg
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  • dressing gown.jpeg
    dressing gown.jpeg
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Oh - I forgot! here is a photo of the new anti bed-bug pyjamas ...


  • bed bug.jpeg
    bed bug.jpeg
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Hmmmm your 'pajamas' look very much like the body-suits we had to wear against box jellyfish on the Great Barrier Reef :eek:
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Deleted member 397

And for the men a decent smoking jacket for the after dinner port and cigars whilst the ladies attend to the dishes

Rebekah Scott

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You guys make me laugh out loud, esp. as I recall the troupes of Italian bikers, not all of them exactly "fit & trim," parading around the albergues in their tiny flourescent-colored skivvy underwear! They looked like boiled eggs with a rubber band ´round them, but no one said anything.

(I wore shorts and a t-shirt to bed.)

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