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Confusion about the Starting Place


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I need some help from those who know the Camino del Norte. The Mundicamino website lists two different routes:

Route 1 -- Hendaya; Hondarribia; Pasajes de San Juan/San Pedro; San Sebastian

Route 2 -- Hendaya; Irun; Oyarzun; Astigarraga; San Sebastian

My confusion -- We plan to start in Irun, but would like to walk Route 1, that is, through Hondarribia and Pasajes. Is Route 1 accessible from Irun?

Many thanks.
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of course. Both start at the Puente Santiago, the border between France and Spain. Route 2 goes into the centre of Irun; route 1 turns right along the estuary. So from Irun, simply walk along the road taken by route 2 to the border and turn left! See Michelin if you don't have a decent map.


Confusion about starting place on Northern Route

The answer is yes, one can walk from Irun via Pasajes to San Sebastian, and that is the correct route. However, there is a regular ferry running from Hendaye Plage direct to Hondarribia, bypassing Irun. Astigarraga is not on the regular Camino del Norte, but on an interior route joining the Camino Frances at Santo Domingo de la Calzada.


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Don't get confused about Irun and Hendaya: there's only a bridge between the two cities as Peter said in his message.
Start at the train-station in Hendaya with your back to the station and go to the right: you can't miss the bridge of St.Jacques and once over the bridge you are in Irun. We took the route 1 but skipped Hondarribia.......
Good luck!
See the first few pictures at ... te%202006/

We started at the trainstation in Hendaya.
Its a great route!!
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Time of past OR future Camino
Frances (May 2005), Norte (May 2006), Vezelay (2007).
peregrina2000 said:
Paul, What time of year did you walk?
Thanks again!


We walked in ...............May 2006 !
Just fine weather and the places at sea are not crowded then!


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