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Cooking utensils?


New Member
The question is, do I need to take any? I am about to start my first Camino at the end of September. I would like to do it economically and so hope to cook a main meal whenever possible - fatigue and sore feet permitting! I have read that some of the Refugios do have kitchens, but what about pans? And plates etc. I would appreciate any advice / suggestions / recipes !!

Thank you
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Hi Jonathan,
Some albergues have kitchens that pilgrims may use.
Some refuges have kitchens that the hospitaleros use but are not for the use of pilgrims.
Some kitchens have very few utensils or none at all.
Many albergues do not have kitchens.
Most albergues have electricity but there are some that do not.
If you want to cook for yourself, take a small camp stove, a set of small pots, a set of camping utensils.
You can buy rice, pasta, lentils, vegetables etc to cook.
The CSJ has a few recipes for vegetarians on the website: http://www.csj.org.uk/veg.htm
Good luck!
If you can, get a copy of the CSJ Guide to the Camino Frances. In addition to listing albergues, it also lists albergue facilities, so if an equipped kitchen is available it will state this.

Many albergues, even if they don't have proper kitchens, do have microwaves and a few bits of crockery etc. However, I found Galicia a bit difficult as the municipal albergues had great kitchens, but no equipment whatsoever.

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Thanks. I think I shall take a few things and if /when an opportunity presents itself shall attempt to rustle up an omelette. Or something. Cooking never really was in my repertoire!
I see no advantage in hauling upon your back the excess weight of any items that will just be used occasionally, or, as you described it, "if /when an opportunity presents itself". The "opportunity" might never present itself and you will find that you will have lugged those items all the way to Santiago needlessly. The Camino is not a wilderness adventure where cooking items are essential and there are few places for resupply.

If it is just an occasional meal you are concerned with, there are small markets in most villages where you could purchase food that requires little or no cooking at all. Or, just purchase and carry some canned food like Fabada Asturiana and then the only superfluous utensil you will need to lug to Santiago is a tiny P-38 can opener:
Take a penknife with tin opener and corkscrew and a 'spork' or similar. You will find that lots of other pilgrims are also on a budget and will try and cook when they can and if not picnic. You will eat a lot of bread but that also is the norm. There will also be many times when you will need to buy a pilgrim or bar meal as you need to eat to keep walking (and so you can sleep) and supplies are not always available. Remember you spend money on food at home too! :)
Final 2 tips - empaneda :?: - later on in the route these flat meat or fish pies are everywhere (sold individually or by slice) and make a great portable pilgrim meal and also drink some wine - share a bottle with another pilgrim and enjoy your picnic or relax while you wait in the q to use the cooking facilities.
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