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Nunca se camina solo
Hi Chris - let's see what others think but I don't think it is worth the extra weight. Often there are pots and pans in the kitchens of albergues - but that can never be relied on! Why not cook when the kitchen is equipped and eat out when not?

Bridget and Peter

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I don't think I would take actual cooking pots. As Johnny says, you can cook properly where you have the pans, and do meals that need less cooking where not. I would have a mug that can stand boiling water - you could do packet flavoured couscous in that. Or powder soup - with bread and cheese that would warm and fill you up! If you have a plastic pot with lid, as well as storing the rest of the couscous, you could cook in it in a microwave - one pilgrim gite in France had only a microwave and a fruit bowl - if I remember right we cooked courgettes then stirred something it to them!
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Definetely not worth it. Lots of refugios have basic kitchens where you can prepare a meal, which are equipped with pots and plates and utensils, sometimes one ends up in a group for the night and people contribute to preparing a shared meal in large pots.
Just get down to essentials, I did not even bother with a pocket knife or a cup. Did not need it.
Regards, Gitti


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Hi Chris,

I supose it depends on what you want to do and your goal.
Irish guys are prone to bringing cups, t-bags , porridge etc.
Leave as much as you can at home. Decide to treat yourself. It will leave something in the land you visit.

Buen Camino.

Javier Martin

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chris m said:
Is it a good idea to bring small camping tins to cook with if one wanted to , or is this surplus wasted weight ?

No, it's not a good idea.

But I know several friends to use to walk with.

Buen Camino, with as less weight as possible

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain


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Hi, I would not bring cooking equipment (such as burners, etc). The preference to bring camping pan/cup if a personal one. I brought a very small aluminum bowl, knife/fork/spoon and a cup. This was very lightweight. I did not use it much because I chose to eat at cafes and restaraunts. The other posts are correct, most refugios have pots/pans...but if you plan to cook a lot, maybe you should bring a couple of very lightweight items...sometimes in the crowded refugios, you may have to wait to use the equipment...Buen Camino!

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