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COVID COVID requirements for U.S travelers?

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Aaron Baldwin

New Member
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Frances 2018
I am looking to take my second Camino this fall and I was wondering if anyone knew if Spain is requiring Proof of vaccination or negative test to enter. I am not vaccinated and do not plan to get the shot. The current plan is to fly into Pamplona and get a bus to St Jean. I've done some research and I think I can get in with a negative test but I can't seem to find any information newer than October of last year.
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As the above link informs, you are good to go, Aaron!
No documents or negative testing are required for travel.
Have a wonderful Camino
Yep nothing needed. Just need a mask in pharmacies and medical places. If you were to catch Covid you don’t need to isolate anymore I don’t think.
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Nope! 😁
Thankfully pretty much the whole Europe is done with all of these requirements.
As noted, some of the places will still require a mask but even that is slowly going the "optional" way. 🙏
No tests of any kind is also required to get bak home
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