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  1. S

    Best travel insurance for Primitivo from UK

    Hi All, I was wondering if you could advise what is the best travel insurance to get for the Primitivo from UK. I will start the Camino the 27th of September if all goes well :) Thanks in advance. Sandra
  2. pac1952

    A stay of greater than 90 days

    I'm aware that variations of this question have been asked/posted previously, but I can't find an answer to my specific question, so here goes (and apologies in advance if it has been answered somewhere and I missed it). All being well, next year I wish to spend 5 weeks or so undertaking an...
  3. D

    Travel Insurance for an Irishman Help!

    Hi everyone, I've been writing in a lot lately, but everyone has been brilliant so far in what I've been asking! This time around I'm looking for travel insurance. I'm flying from Ireland to Biarritz in September to do the Camino Del Norte. Can anyone advise specifically on what would be...
  4. CalgaryLynn

    Canadian Health Insurance Coverage

    I thought I would report in for those of us Canadians that are concerned about traveller's insurance for our trips over to Europe. I just received an email from Alberta Blue Cross that states "even though the Canadian government has not lifted it's non-essential travel warning", they are going...
  5. jsalt

    The 90-day Rule

    I am planning so many caminos for next year, to make up for not being able to go for 2 years, but it has suddenly occurred to me that we’ve had Brexit in the meantime. I live in South Africa, but travel on a British passport. Can Brits still travel freely in Europe, or are they now at the mercy...
  6. emilep

    COVID What happens if you get Covid on the trail?

    After the story this week, I was wondering - what happens if you get Covid on the trail? Does anyone in Spain know what the process is? Galicia has Covid insurance to reimburse pilgrims that get Covid. However what about the rest of the Camino? What are the policies around quarantining &...
  7. Dianne Hartenburg

    U.S. Passport will expire within 6 months of entering Spain. Help!

    I just realized my passport expires in January of 2022. I leave for Spain Sept. 9th returning on the 27th. There is a long wait for passports and I hate to apply and send my passport in to be renewed. Does anyone have experience with this situation and advice as to what to do? Thanks.
  8. Renascer

    Health insurance for 2021 and Covid?

    Hi Everyone! i wonder which insurance would be good to cover my Camino Trip that goes from Portugal to Spain. I bought the tickets on May 30 but recently needed to chance on June 23 as airline change my flight. I also would like to add * that with this travel advisories and change should i get...
  9. peregrina2000

    Travel insurance for US travelers over 70

    The last travel insurance policy I bought was a year-long policy with United HealthCare. I bought the policy in February, 2020. Not one of my smarter purchases. Between then and now, I have apparently aged up into a much riskier demographic. Once you hit 70, coverage decreases and prices...
  10. cecelia

    Schengen Question

    EDITED BY MODERATOR: THE INFORMATION MAY NOW BE OUT OF DATE - CHECK THE END OF THE THREAD FOR CURRENT INFORMATION. For anyone planning to walk a camino in 2021 please note that we will need to complete an ETIAS application before entering the Schengen area. Here's the first paragraph from...
  11. J

    Health insurance while "Caminoing" during the Covid

    I realized that even with the 2 vaccines doses against the Covid, I am not Shure at 100 percent that I will not get it while "Caminoing" in Spain. For those that perchase health insurance for traveling this summer or fall. Are you protected again any sickness due to Covid. Or it is on your...
  12. E

    Covid insurance

    I read somewhere that in Galicia they offer Covid insurance. Is it true? how does it work? What if I get ill in Galicia? Maybe I got infected in Asturias,is the insurance still valid? And finally, how much it costs? Many thanks for any info that you might be able to share Elena
  13. Marbe2

    Get QR code to enter Spain

    Use this Website to obtain QR code To protect your health, the Government of Spain has implemented a series of measures to protect the general public’s health, including health control of passengers upon arrival in Spain. From this website you can fill out the health...
  14. Thomas Yingst


    Are US citizens now required to complete the European Travel Information and Authorization System form before travel to Spain?
  15. Terry Callery

    Back Up Documents

    On all three of my Caminos, I traveled with hidden money belt. Took about 2,000 Euros Cash and both a credit card and a debit card. Kept day's cash in my vest. So would not have to take off money belt frequently Since I kept my passport in my Back pack with my Pigrim Credential Booklet.- I had...
  16. Prentiss Riddle

    Good resources for would-be expats? (US citizen in ES or PT)

    Does anyone know of high quality books, websites or other resources about moving to or retiring in Spain or Portugal? Many of the websites I’ve seen seem pretty questionable, at least amateurish if not downright scammy. So far the books I’ve found aren’t much better. For example, I was just...
  17. F

    Hoping to travel to Spain in Feb as an EU citizen arriving from Canada

    Ok... so here's a funny question for those of you who may be more in the know as local inhabitants in Spain. I am about to receive my new Irish passport and I am on along-term "remote work" arrangement so I am looking at the possibility of heading to the Castille-y-Leon area west of Astorga...
  18. D

    COVID Travel Insurance for post Covid trips

    Would love to go now that places are opening up, but the cautious side of me (very attached to my wallet) says I should wait until there is better travel insurance. Has anyone found suitable (EU) travel insurance that reflects the change in travel
  19. J

    COVID Medical Insurance while traveling in Spain

    I am considering a walking Trip on the Camino toward the end of this year and I am wondering about medical travel insurance. Now that the Covid 19 is a pre-existing condition or situation I am wondering if it is possible to protect myself with some insurance while away? I fear that if I go and...
  20. L

    Insurance information for Australians

    The following article may be of some use for Aussies trying to work out their travel insurance options.