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  1. S

    Travel Health Insurance?

    I will be traveling from the United States to France and Spain in the summer to hike the Camino Frances. My health insurance doesn't provide international coverage? Will I need to purchase travel health insurance? If so, I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has already looked into...
  2. Feetzgerald

    Travel insurance for a UK citizen walking Camino Frances: Necessary/worth it?

    As a UK citizen I can access healthcare in any EU country for free (or at least very little) using my EHIC/GHIC card. My flight to France was only around £50. I don't have my return flight booked yet. My luggage is probably worth no more than £200. My smartphone is insured separately. I'm 29...
  3. Zordmot

    Schengen Requirement to show €100 per day upon entry to Spain?

    This news release states that to gain entry to Spain from a non-Schengen country you must now prove that you have €100 available for each day that you intend to be in Spain. I wonder what has been your experience with this law. That would mean for example that if you are flying to Madrid from...
  4. Canito6671

    Help! Can't figure out if we need a visa or not

    We're scheduled to start our camino in SJPdP in early September, flying into CDG from the US, and end in mid-October, flying back to the US from Spain. My husband is a permanent resident of the US but his citizenship is currently with Mexico. I've read a hundred different websites to figure out...
  5. V

    Best Travel Insurance for the Camino Frances

    Hi Everyone I am leaving to start my Camino on the 26th of April and am sorting some travel insurance. I just wondered if anyone had found a company that covers this sort of trip. Many thanks Viv
  6. Arniece2022

    Health Insurance for Mexican Resident

    I am a Canadian living in Mexico. I've been trying to find health insurance for my Camino Frances and hoping someone can make a recommendation. I've searched the forum and other resources but all the companies that are mentioned are from the U.S. or other countries and don't have an option for...
  7. S

    90 day tourist limit - Schengen countries

    Hi - given a 2 year hiccup in our Camino plans we were hoping to ‘fill our boots’ this year 😊 However it seems as Brexited Brits (🙄)we can stay for 90 days on a tourist visa in any 180 days - meaning our plans to fit in 2 Caminos this year may be scuppered. I was reading that travel ‘for...
  8. Mr_Ross_Duncan

    Travel Insurance for Australian and New Zealanders

    We're well into our planning stages for a long-delayed return to life on the Camino. Hoping to set out in late April from Le Puy, then make our way down along the Via Podiensis then cut across to the Del Norte and continue along the way until either our visa, our legs, our health, our interest...
  9. michaelporourke

    Seeking advice on travel / medical insurance for healthy 39-year-old going on the Camino Primitivo

    Hello, I'm a first-time Camino walker that will be doing the Camino Primitivo solo in September 2022. I will be in Spain for approximately three weeks. I'm seeking advice regarding travel / medical insurance for my trip. I'm 39 years old and in overall good health with no underlying...
  10. Peregrinopaul

    Health, insurance, prudence or “do it before the bits start falling off”.

    I’m quoting, above, @Richard Smith from another thread. I thought his laconic comment warranted a thread of its own. There must, after all, be quite a few fellow travellers out there. …because metaphorically my bits are definitely beginning to fall off. It is not a coincidence that I wrote my...
  11. lindam

    New Fee for Non-EU Citizens/Residents Entering the EU in 2022

    The following article: explains that starting in 2022, non-EU citizens/residents will be required to pay an additional 7€ as well as to complete additional documentation prior to entering the EU. One...
  12. isawtman

    Do you keep some documents on the cloud?

    I was wondering if any Camino hikers keep documents on the internet on a cloud drive like Google Drive, etc? Documents could include your passport, driver's license, medical history, insurance card, etc. I know there are risks involved with putting stuff on the cloud. I would have them on a...
  13. Marbe2

    Getting trip insurance using air miles: frequent flyers help!

    Wondering those of you who are using travel insurance mainly for medical and using air miles to fly, can tell me what to put in the box for cost-of travel? Should I be gestimating the cost of the ticket…or, should I put in zero for cost. I talked to several people at two different companies...
  14. Renascer

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Flight Insurance

    Hello everyone! I booked my first camino flight again! As soon i booked to Porto i heard about Portugal possible new restrictions. I have a question for those that bought insurance. I didn't see offering it on the site when i bought the ticket. Since i didn't buy it last week together with the...
  15. geraldkelly

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Official Government Information Sources for Travel Restrictions

    Hi Can someone send me some links to official government websites for the US, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand with information about travel restrictions to and from each country? Please note, I am only interested in official sources of information. I'm looking for the sites prospective...
  16. Tony Bobcat

    Camino Frances East to West

    Hello fellow pilgrims, I am travelling from Australia, planning my Camino Francis and would like to finish in Finisterre. The time required for this and our additional holiday after the Camino is a total of 100 days. We have been told by our travel agent we can only stay in Europe for 90 days...
  17. B

    Visa for Thai person without prearranged accommodation

    I would like to walk the French Camino again next Summer with my Thai friend. As a UK subject I can enter Spain easily, but my Thai friend needs to show prearranged accommodation to get a tourist visa for Spain. Since we planned to look for a hostel at the end of each day, prearranging...
  18. S

    Best travel insurance for Primitivo from UK

    Hi All, I was wondering if you could advise what is the best travel insurance to get for the Primitivo from UK. I will start the Camino the 27th of September if all goes well :) Thanks in advance. Sandra
  19. pac1952

    A stay of greater than 90 days

    I'm aware that variations of this question have been asked/posted previously, but I can't find an answer to my specific question, so here goes (and apologies in advance if it has been answered somewhere and I missed it). All being well, next year I wish to spend 5 weeks or so undertaking an...
  20. D

    Travel Insurance for an Irishman Help!

    Hi everyone, I've been writing in a lot lately, but everyone has been brilliant so far in what I've been asking! This time around I'm looking for travel insurance. I'm flying from Ireland to Biarritz in September to do the Camino Del Norte. Can anyone advise specifically on what would be...