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  1. M

    Question regarding travel insurance and pre-existing conditions USA

    This is a USA based travel insurance question. I went to buy travel insurance for my upcoming Camino and ran into some issues. I did not realize that I should have purchased travel insurance before purchasing my airfare due to a pre-existing condition. Because I did not purchase insurance...
  2. peregrina2000

    Don’t forget your driver’s license!

    I just heard from a friend that she got to Santiago and wanted to rent a car to go out to Muxia and Finisterre. But she couldn’t do it because she didn’t have her driver’s license with her. Luckily, someone else in her group had brought one and was able to rent the car. No need to bring that...
  3. 1

    Visa requirements for Australians?

    Hello fellow Australians. Travelling to France on Aussie passport, is it still current NO VISA required as exempt travelling in the Schengen area please
  4. JamesGeier

    Alternative to Allianz travel insurance

    I have used Allianz for my international travel trips (Thailand, France, Spain) for the past 12 years. In my recent trip to Thailand, I had a relatively small incident that required 5 stitches in my forehead. Total cost was low (about $400 US), and I provided all hospital receipts. Now Allianz...
  5. SushiNinja

    Overstayed 90 days? From UK?

    I'm English and I'm thinking about overstaying my 90 day limit by 2 or 3 days, flying out of Santiago...(this is so I can squeeze in a stint as a volunteer hospitalero). Anyone have experience of this? What happened? Wrist-slap? Fine? Not allowed to go back ever? TIA, Cole
  6. N

    medical travel insurance for Canadians?

    any suggestions for Canadians? I have found that medical health insurance is very expensive this year to travel. I am 78 years old and no conditions and healthy, for 45 days they want over 600.00+
  7. Derek Taylor

    Issues entering Spain?

    I have a friend traveling to Madrid as the entry point for them doing the Camino next month and they read the entry requirements which require proof of finances for € 90 daily and if using a credit card for that proof a bank statement or the credit card statement. My friend is staying 3 weeks...
  8. NerdGjerd

    Trip Travel Medical Insurance Reviews - if you ever had a claim

    If you have ever had to file a claim for Travel/Trip Insurance or International Medical Insurance (Or any other Camino related insurance) during your Camino or other international travels, can you please reply with the company name and how the claim process went? I have found many threads...
  9. geraldkelly

    New Schengen Area travel requirements from 2023

    Interesting article on the Euronews website about the new visa system which will come online in 2023 for non-EU citizens visiting a Schengen Area country.
  10. Dani7

    Travel health insurance for canadian

    Hi everyone. Travel insurance has evolved since 2020. I’m wondering where to start looking for the best most comprehensive travel insurance policy I can get that will cover all medical care needs including covid related illness (as covid is still around). Thanks to all who respond. There is way...
  11. A

    Air Europe lost my luggage

    Hello friends, I am posting this in case this has happened to anyone else on the way to the Camino. I am using a luggage service for my Camino, and my flight to Spain yesterday was quite messed up with challenges in Amsterdam. As a result, I was rerouted through Lisbon on a short connection and...
  12. B

    One Way Ticket

    Hi! I want to be open ended on my Camino, so I'd like to have a one way ticket and buy my return when I am ready. But I see that I can't do that because Spain needs to know that I am leaving at the end of my trip. Has anyone gone to the Camino with a one way ticket, and if so, how did you...
  13. A

    Passport warning — expiration date

    I'm crushed! Spent the day searching for flights to Porto and pulled out my credit card and paid. Only afterward did passport info show on the booking site informing me that mine, which expires on 30 December 2022 would not allow me into Portugal because the expiration date was less than 90 days...
  14. Keith H

    Expat question: Is the TIE valid ID for albergues

    Hello folks, A rather specific question here that I thought about following some passport carrying convos on here. In Spain as a foreigner here on a visa you have to get a Tarjeta de Extranjeros or TIE. It’s an official and mandatory Spanish ID card. As it is official ID in the country would it...
  15. W

    documents needed to enter schengen countires

    Hi, I'm going to finish the VDLP this September from my previous try in 2019 (had to stop because of a bad knee). I am trying to find out what documentation I need to enter the Schengen Countries. My flight is direct from the US to Amsterdam, AFTER I LAND I will need to book a flight into Spain...
  16. Jopoke

    Proof of income, accommodation and return travel.

    I have heard for the second time this week, one coming from Simon Calder. Is it true that we are having to prove where you are staying, how much you have in the bank and proof of return travel home. If it is true, how do you get round this on a Camino when we don't have accommodation set up...
  17. P

    Passport Control when leaving Spain

    Hello all I am flying from Santiago to Ireland on an Australian passport on Sunday once I finish the Camino Frances on Friday. I entered Spain from SJPDP in May, thus have no entry stamp in my passport. Do I need to get my passport stamped when leaving Spain by air? Regards Patrick
  18. AZperegrino

    Health Insurance for travel outside the US

    I'm on Medicare, which doesn't cover outside the US, so I'm looking for separate coverage during our upcoming Camino. Do you have any experience submitting a claim with Axa? I used Squaremouth to look for insurers, and the Axa policy indeed looks good. However, the reviews of both Axa (and...
  19. N

    Travel Insurance advice?

    We're walking the Camino Portugues for the first time next month and was thinking of buying travel insurance for our trip. This is our first time buying travel insurance and would appreciate any advice or previous experiences. I found these two options on the VisitPortugal tourism website...
  20. Ultreia_61

    Trip insurance for the Camino

    Can anyone recommend a comprehensive walking holiday / trip insurance policy that would include cover for declared pre-existing medical conditions and cancellation, from a UK provider? Is there a go-to provider for the Camino? ¡Gracias!

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