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COVID rules on the camino

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What is the latest COVID rule in Spain/France walking the Camino? Eg. Do you need an app to check in at every albergues and restaurants? Do you need to wear face masks in public? Thanks.
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It's basically just masks in public transport and in such medical situations as a pharmacy,and even the latter is not always enforced.
The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.
In Spain masks are only required in health care settings.
You can find information on this site from the Spanish government.
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Requirement in France is mask in doctor's surgery and hospital. Requested in pharmacy.
What is the latest COVID rule in Spain/France walking the Camino? Eg. Do you need an app to check in at every albergues and restaurants? Do you need to wear face masks in public? Thanks.
I think one question is what's required, but another one is what's considerate toward other pilgrims and the local communities we'll be walking through. COVID is still out there. Reasonable precautions like masks and a pre-trip booster will help stem the spread of COVID. People with up-to-date boosters (which I think means no more than 4-6 months since last one? have to check) are less likely to infect others, even if they themselves get it. I'm planning on getting yet another shot a couple weeks before leaving for Spain and will be one of the few still wearing a mask on public transport and indoors when there are others around. It's good that they're not requiring special check-in procedures, but the virus is not gone.
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I am on the camino now, at Moratinos. Nobody is wearing masks. BUT almost all the peregrinos I meet have bad cold/flu bugs. I had a covid booster before I left home, just in case I needed it for emigration / immigration (I did). Sometimes the dorm is full. 12 people coughing all night. I wear my ear plugs (for snorers), eye mask (I always seem to be under the night light), AND my face mask (to reduce the chance of getting their viruses). It's a bit dodgy walking the camino in winter. Good luck!
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