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Daily stamps


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March 2024

I have a question regarding the stamps.

For the minimum 2 stamps per day requirement, am I understanding it correctly on the minimum # of stamps required per day?


Day 0 - arrive in Sarria (overnight) - do we need to get our Pilgrim Passport stamped this day or just the start of our pilgrimage?
Day 1 - start of Camino - get 1st stamp from Sarria Albergue on departure, then get 2nd stamp on next albergue
Day 2 - 1st stamp in departure point, 2nd stamp in arrival point
Then same for the succeeding days?

Is it required to get a stamp from anywhere in your departure point, and anywhere in your arrival point the same day?

Or you could get your 1st and 2nd stamps along the route between departure and arrival points?
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It's usual to get a stamp at your accommodation when you arrive. You don't need to get another stamp in the same place when you leave. Any stamp from a café, bar, church or anywhere else along the way will do for a second daily stamp.
Sarria is 100+km from Santiago. You will not need 2 stamps daily yet. 2 stamps obligation starts within the last 100km if you want your compostela later.

Once you start hiking past Sarria get 1 in a cafe/church you are passing and 1 in the accomondation.
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The norm is to get a stamp at the place you sleep, and get another one somewhere along the way. You might want to get 2 along the way, each day, in case you forget or somehow miss getting one that evening.
Stamps in the credencial have two functions.
1. To show to an albergue that you are a bona fide pilgrim and have walked from the previous overnight stay.
2. To show to the pilgrim office that you are entitled to a compostela having walked at least 100 km (or cycled 200 km) on a recognised pilgrimage route to Santiago.

For 1. you only need a stamp from the last place you stayed overnight.
For 2. you need at least two stamps a day for every day you walked the last 100 km, including your starting point.

The stamps do not have to be from an albergue or accommodation, but that is an obvious place to get them from. Cafés, restaurants, govt offices, churches etc etc will provide you with a stamp along the way. Buen camino.
Pretty much agree with everything above.
Technically, it matters not where you get the sellos (stamps) as long as there are a MINIMUM of 2 per day (i.e. with the same date). Possible exceptions are your Day 0 as per your example (you just arrived and got your 1st sello from albergue say in the evening; the count if 2/day may start the next say) and your last day if somehow you managed to get that sello in SdC proper.
Good luck and Buen Camino
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On the Sarria-Santiago walk, you’ll find enough places to stamp to fill your entire credencial, if you so choose. Churches are a nice place to stop, contemplate, and get a stamp and prayer card.
Wherever you stay in Sarria will give you the first stamp (La Casona de Sarria will put the next day’s date on it if you are starting out early). Last May, there was a kind lady with a table set up in the woods before you get to Barbadelo that offered stamps. Next opportunity is at the private albergue/café in Vilei/Barbadelo. Or one of the tourist shops there (hard sales from the multilingual dude in the shop on the left, whatever language you speak he does also, lol). Before you even get to Morgade you could have filled a row in your credencial! (Waiter in Morgade also speaks a zillion languages, so impressive.) Get as many as you like (sweet little no-weight memories), or get as few as 2 per day. Yes, in Santiago they giggled at how many sellos I had collected. (Maybe envy?!?!) LOL Buen Camino!

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