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LIVE from the Camino drowned rat un saludo desde pontedeuma


RIP 2015
Live from the camino,been wanting to say that for one year and here we are.
took me 4 bars to find this computer so please bear that in mind.
landed in Santiago weds 11.30am ryanair bus to Santiago missed the 12 o clock bus to ferrol had to wait till the 1-30 chanced walking into Santiago to get a credencial, the heavens opened hail poured down but we managed to get the passport and catch the bus.
3pm and we started to walk to pontedeuma,how could we be so stuped wet through before we left ferrol, never in my life have I seen rain like that.
plus we have found out that Galicean klms are longer than East Anglian miles- believe me I could travis Norfolk quicker than how long it took us to walk to Neda where we packed it in,one phone call brought the man down to the auberge-opened up and welcomed us in.
rosemary was dead on her feet and I was no better- the man turned 8 heaters on gave us a key told us to help ourselves and left us to it a whole auberge to ourselves-I could get to like you christians!!! what a man.
today set off with good intentions to get to mino-did not make it the heavens opened and rosie demanded we stay in pontedeuma-no argument from me.
so here we are one bottle of wine and 4 bars later and it may sound daft but we are loving it-gird our loins and try for bezantos tomorrow ( is that the right spelling)
now back to Bar Luis hope rosie is awake I bring more wine.
good night and wish us luck
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Veteran Member
Year of past OR future Camino
Le Puy-Santiago(2008) Cluny-Conques+prt CF(2012)
Ian...I love it!!! The best laid plans and all that... I do hope you get a break in the rain though sometime before you finish!!!

Bridget and Peter

Active Member
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Wow, Ian! That's such a real camino posting!

I was worrying about you walking 24km on Wednesday, so glad you found somewhere else to stop.

I can't quite believe it but I'm jealous, drowned rattiness and all. I shall have to tell Peter that you are bringing wine back to Rosie. He is still dining out on the occasion I sent him with mug and tea-bag into the next door bar in Limoges to ask for boiling water, though.

It snowed again here today, overnight, so all the schools closed again. But by 9 am it was raining and washing away. Goodness knows what it's going to do tonight.

I am feeling a bit bruised and battered with wedding plans and having had to speak firm words to the prospective son-in-law which my older children have reassured me I was right to say, but I feel horrid about.... so a long rainy walk in Galicia sounds very attractive. We'll be there in 4 weeks time - at Sigueiro, I believe.

go well, Rosie and Ian


Nunca se camina solo
Yes Ian - we've all been thinking about you two. I was looking at the weather reports and forecast and it IS going to be wet. But steady as you go and dry out when you can. These compostelas are going to be earned!
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RIP 2015
Last night we dined in santiago (tapas bars) today we fly home sad to be leaving but a lot wiser for having been here.
short version now the gettisburg address later.
we needed a full week to do justice to this great walk in a great part of spain and if I was to ever do it again would take longer (its not a race) but we had to catch the plane today.
we caught the bus to mino (flooded fields) walked to bezantos.
determind to do the full third day walk to bruma which we did in great style :D
what a great walk and surprisingly not as hard as expected,we where stuck in bar julio for an hour because of the rain :lol: but fortified with red label we beat the hill into submission.
the one memory I will treasure is that day we dodged the rain and walked 29k and drank alberino in bruma (we are walkers) unfortunatly rosie popped her knee desending some hill and was in pain the next day as we walked the long road to sig but we made it (it rained all day)
rosie was done in and as we had to catch the plane the next day we got a taxi to santiago.
(dropped off in square :oops: )
Still i beleave we have done well this week what with snow -planes-wind-rain the only thing missing was the plague of frogs.
will put our thoughts and pics in more detail later.
Ian and Rosie xx

Bridget and Peter

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Reims to Limoges 2008
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And meanwhile, here in UK they've been asking 'where is the spirit of the Blitz?' as we all took days of work because it was snowing a bit.

It was clearly in Galicia walking up and down hill through the rain.

Well done, both of you!

:Looking forward to the full glory of the story.



Staff member
Good job Ian and Rosie! I am happy to hear that you made it, i was thinking of you... it has been raining "cats and dogs".

You will have a bumpy ride on the plane today... 140km/h winds are in the forecast. This winter has been crazy... but, sun in the forecast (first time since December!). Let's see if they are right.

Un saludo,

Rebekah Scott

Camino Busybody
Year of past OR future Camino
Many, various, and continuing.
I tip my hat and raise my glass to two Real English Way Pilgs! I hope Rosie´s knee heals quickly, and all your gear is dry in time for the next great expedition.

Viva Johnny Walker Red, the Pilgrim Fuel Extraordinnaire!


Nunca se camina solo
Ian and Rosie

We've all been thinking about you because this route was always going to be a challenge at this time of the year with the amount of rain predicted - which you know only too well fell on you. It is a lovely route with just enough bite in good weather to let you know you have achieved something - in bad weather, especially torrential rain, the achievement is magnificent. Enhorabuena.

Now you need to tell us everything :)

What an excuse for a celebratory drink!
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Portuguese '08, Frances '11, del Norte '14, Invierno '16, Ingles '17, Primitivo October 2018
Well done! So happy that you got there, did it, and are hopefully home and warm and DRY! Can so totally relate to the rain. Last year in May was impressively wet, but at least it was usually fairly warm. February is really tough! But you did it! Hope Rosies knee recovers ... and thanks for the trip notes. As Kelly said, a bad day on the Camino is better than a good day at work. And as work has been really really bad....I'm ready to leave this afternoon, rain, snow or hail!

Till your next attempt, Buen Camino


Veteran Member
Year of past OR future Camino
Le Puy-Santiago(2008) Cluny-Conques+prt CF(2012)
I love your photos! You certainly did have a jolly old wet time of it. Everyone who asks if they really need to carry rainwear should be directed to your photos I reckon!!

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