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Easiest way to the airport.


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In my eager to arrive home as early as possible after my Camino, I have booked a flight early in the morning (0700) from Santiago airport. Foolishly I booked it before checking the bus-schedule. Now I see that it is to early for any buses and a taxi is to expensive, I think.
So, how do I get to the airport? Can I walk there (but then I will be starting in the middle of the night) or is there any overnight accommondation somewhere near?
Perhaps this will be no problem at all once in Santiago. Perhaps I am passing the airport on my way to Santiago (hard to see on the map I have). I just want to know before I leave home on May 9. Right now I have just enough worries in my mind. If someone out there can help me, I will get rid of one at least.

I am grateful for any advice you have.

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Hei Nisse,

A taxi from Santiago to the airport is about 12-15 euros (there is a fix price, but I don't remember how much it is). It is a 15 minute drive with no traffic. I would recommend a taxi.

There are no hotels right by the airport, there are one hostal or 1 or 2 star hotel a few kilometer from the airport, but I do not know much about them. This one claim to be close to the airport, but I think it is still a few kilometers away:

If can afford the taxi ride, I would still recommend living in Santiago and using a taxi out to the airport.

Lykke til!
ivar said:
This one claim to be close to the airport, but I think it is still a few kilometers away:

I have stopped in that hotel (there are a clutch of them of varying standards on the main road just off the Camino Frances at Lavacolla). It's a standard airport hotel, rather overpriced and characterless.

The Camino Frances goes past the airport perimeter, but are you suggesting you would walk along the Camino without actually going into Santiago???

I would agree with Ivar: stop overnight in the city centre and book a taxi for the morning.

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