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From Amsterdam??


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Till now my main plan was to start my walk from France but i thought about throwing in the question... is there a route that starts from Amsterdam? if so where and how do i go there? also... what is the route that is the most easily accessible from Amsterdam?

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Well, I'm sure there are walks from Amsterdam and they're probably beautiful.
But if you decide just to GO to Amsterdam and then take the train to SJPP from there, we did this in 2007. We took a train that went to Paris, then to Bayonne, then to SJPP. It was inexpensive and worked great for us.

By the way, there is an inexpensive hostel that we like in Amsterdam called The Shelter. They have two, one in the red district which is a nice and interesting place to stay. Another is near the Anne Frank house and near the Rittman Library (hermetic library). They are inexpensive, clean, and nice folks.


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We have cycled from Hook of Holland via Bruges, Ghent, Tournai, Mons, Namur, Reims, Chalons en Chanpagne, Brienne, Tonnerre to the Vezelay route. See our blog for details. I think there is a more direct route from Amsterdam which takes you east and to the Meuse at Maastricht. In France the GR654 goes from the border at Dinant to Vezelay (and beyond).

Ivor, do you think it would be a good idea to have a sub-forum for the extra long pilgrimages which begin before the four French routes?


One possibility:

Pelgrimspad: Amsterdam to Maastricht;
Via Mosana: Maastricht to Namur;
GR654: Namur to Vezelay;
Voie de Vezelay: Vezelay to SJPdP
Camino Frances: SJPdP to Santiago

There are guide books to all these routes, but only the Camino Frances in English. I was hoping to travel this route myself but an injury has prevented it. Maybe another year.
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