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Good walking socks in León!



Having failed to find replacement Smartwool socks in England last week to replace my worn-out old ones, I found them in León yesterday. Price 17 Euros a pair.

I thought this information may be useful to others, particularly if you have developed blisters by the time you arrive in León :cry: Here are the details:

Mountaineering shop called "Cordoba" (email: c/San Augustin, 13, 24001 León. As you go from the cathedral towards the bridge out of the city folowing the Camino, it's in a back street: use Google maps to locate.



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By the time I reached Pamplona last May the weather had gotten warm/hot and I needed to buy lighter trekking socks. Pamplona has quite a few sporting /mountaineering stores and there was one right next to the hotel Eslava. Deportes (C/ Recoletas 8 ) was selling all kinds of sporting stuff even the ALTUS RAIN PONCHO loved by us all in different colors and sizes. I got a pair of trekking socks in silk and some other materials, too. Comfortable gear makes the camino more enjoyable. annie


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Buyer beware of the Sierra trading post link posted by Falcon. The cheap socks are seconds...maybe ok, but you never know when you buy sight unseen.

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I have a drawer full of both athletic and dress socks from Sierra Trading Post, and have yet to detect the flaw that made them seconds! But, yes, buyer beware when they are labeled as seconds.


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Hi all,
If you are into buying socks on the Internet have a look here.
No more smelly feet with mohair socks. I used 2 pairs in rotation over 600 miles and they show hardly any wear. A reasonable price, direct from the supplier!

happy walking
Tio Tel


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Hi John,
after experimenting with various combinations, what worked for me was:- Rohan wicking liner socks, then a pair of lightweight Corrymoor Sportsman as well as a pair of Corrymoor Woodlander. Valerie prefers the shorter length Companion. Three (yes that is 3) pairs of socks at once :!: . I used 'Fungusol' powder on my feet and in my boots every morning - no vaseline. I washed the inner liner socks every day and the thin sportsman perhaps every other, or every day if hot, they dried easily overnight. The outer padded socks I washed every two or three days - depending on the weather. They dry quicker than the wool equivalent and I only once had to bag them and continue drying for a second time.
The farm owner says that someone wore a pair for a year without washing :shock: My feet usually do not smell and I have a sensitive nose!
My boots are at least a half size 'too large', and I did tighten the laces downhill. I had no problems with bruised toes and the only time I got a small hotspot and blister was when I left off the middle pair of socks. Interestingly all the wear has been on the middle pair, which, after 40 odd days walking are getting thin. There are two new pairs in front of me as I type :D
As a matter of interest, we bought our first pair of these socks at the Devon County Show at the CorryMoor farm stand.

Walk well and safely


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