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Gregory Jade 28 Backpack - Women's 2019 Version

Hi All!

Yesterday I decided to stop at REI as it was on the way home...No Really! I checked to see if they had a 1 pound backpack. I ended up getting fitted (PROPERLY, for the first time ever) for a backpack by Cynthia and, gave her my whole list of pros and cons regarding my pack from my first Camino - REI Flash 45 (SUPER lightweight, but...). Here's what I told her:

⦁ Explained that it is my goal to carry no more than 5 pounds before food/water. I carried 12 pounds
before and to me, on day 2 it felt like 120!
⦁ Want a smaller pack than my last, and shorter. One that does not touch my lower back/pelvis.
⦁ Hoped for a panel loader and a bladder for water (or wine...been thinking about that one a lot!).🤔

She brought out a Women's Gregory Jade 28 based upon the information I'd given her. She filled it to 10 pounds and I walked around the store for 20 minutes. Amazingly, I couldn't actually feel exactly where the 'most weight' was; mainly because of this "Dynamic FreeFloat Suspension" technology (watch the video on YouTube or REI). It felt like the pack was hovering on my back. Ummm...so, I fell in LUV and bought it.

Lessons learned:
Weight is not as important as is getting expertly fitted and properly distributing bag weight! Buen Camino and I hope this helps somebody.

PS: I got a deal so the bag came out to around $115USD



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A few times
Nice pack.
For those that cannot afford the 115 dollars though, I would say definitely abide by the weight rule. Carry the minimum amount of gear on the Camino.


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St. Gallen to Muxia
I wore the Jade 28 for many kilometer (over 2000). I loved it, but they changed some things on it and made the belt narrower and I went with another pack. It still is a very good pack, but I didn't like the changes. I too was fitted at REI back in 2012.


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2012, 2015 ,2017, 2019
I walk with the older model. Done 3 Caminoa and off soon on my 4th. This time I looked into a replacement, but couldn't find anything that would justify the expense.
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Camino Frances (2011), Camino Frances (2015), Camino Ingles (2017), Camino Muxia (2017), LePuy(2019)
Different packs for different pilgrims. I have used an Osprey Talon 33 small for my last two caminos as well as other distance hikes. It doesn't actually hold 33l because it is a small, so this spring I looked at the Gregory Jade series based on so many reviews like yours. I was looking at the 33l version, and it weighed over a pound more than my Osprey. The suspension system just felt okay and I felt that extra pound! In comparing the specs, I realized that the length of the spine sizing was different. The Jade 33 small was just a bit short for my torso and the 33medium a bit too long. I returned the Gregory Jade. I am using my trusty Talon on my May LePuy pilgrimage. It is important to get the pack fitted for your body, as you did, because the best reviewed pack might not be right for you.


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Sept (2017)
I walked with an REI 38L pack. I didn't fill it up all the way & after a few days carrying it was almost second nature. I sure wish it had those nifty zip pockets on the belt, though!
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